JULY 21st,2011

Review by: Metal Mom  


2006 was the creation of THE SLEEPING GIANT from Redlands California with disciples Tommy Green (vocals), Eric Gregson (guitar), Geoff Brouilette (guitar), JR Bermuda (bass), and Matt Weir on the drums, all four growing up in Redlands, California. They represent the Christian hardcore/metal scene. They are a unit of disciples who scream loud from deep in the underground to the highest heavens. They proclaim strength through submission to JC, and their message is simple - salvation.


This Cd is said to be their crowning achievement. For THE SLEEPING GIANT, they beg the holy spirit to enter into the clubs, schools, homes, hearts and minds of the lost, the forsaken, the left behind, the downtrodden and the weak. And for them this message is forthright, outspoken, militant and with immediate presentation, they are extremely passionate about their beliefs. This is the sound of their reckoning.

Their music is a driving force, with rhythmic aggression, its also heavy, maybe simple guitar riffs, but they are there to be enjoyed, the drums are hardcore, don’t mistake that at all, don’t be confused because they are Christian. The vocals by Green have a delivery to be heard.

What they are doing is saying to the Christians of the world, they need to wake up. This Cd “Kingdom Days in an Evil Age” is well put together, and for me who is not someone religious in any way or form, did enjoy this CD, I just didn’t listen to the words, but heard the vocals , and the music, it just goes to show you that even a die hard metal fan can appreciate music when its put together well. It’s a hardcore Christian album at its finest.