DECEMBER 14th 2012
Review by YouFO

Genre - Grindcore/Hardcore/Black Metal

Label - Southern Lord Recordings

Hometown - Trieste, Italy

After listening a few times to this album, which is their 4th by the way, the genre they call themselves, fits perfectly. It’s a pretty hard hitting extreme sound. So much furor, dark and evil sounds come from these 13 songs. Did they pick “13” songs, because of the negative feeling around that number, I would bet they did. What can you expect to hear, well, a lot of crusty grind, black metal (but not so much) the grind and hardcore really take over this album. This album is really for the hardcore fans, musically its well put together, fast drum beats, mammoth guitar riffs, rather a thick, fast and heavier type CD. The vocals were good, but the music over powered them, but you could hear them enough to know they were the angrier than hell ones.

They had some lineup changes along the way, and now have settled on this powerhouse. It seems these band members make up a lethal, death hold ride. This is who currently makes up THE SECRET - Michael Bertoldini (guitar), Marco Coslovich (vocals), Lorenzo Gulminelli (bass), and Tommaso Corte on the drums. Seems to be the right lineup to create their style and sound. Agnus Dei was recorded by Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studios, just like the previous one.

I haven’t listened to their previous CD, so can’t tell you if this one is better or not, but for a hardcore/grind/metal type band, they did a good job on it. They managed to bring to the fans what the genre is all about. The fans will appreciate the 13 songs of hate filled blasting songs, and if you’re fans of this type of music, then its probably one you need to have.


1. Agnus Dei
2. May God Damn All of Us
3. Violent Infection
4. Geometric Power
5. Post Mortem Nihil Est
6. Daily Lives
7. Love Your Enemy
8. Vermin of Dust
9. Darkness I Became
10. Heretic Temple
11. The Bottomless Pit
12. Obscure Dogma
13. Seven Billion Graves