JULY 21st,2011

Review by: Metal Mom  

The Great Commission is out of Redlands, California and was formed in 2007 by Angela and Justin. Today the band consists of Justin Singh (vocals), Angela Razo (guitar/vocals), Victor Cota (guitar/vocals), Solomon Joy (lead guitar), Robby Joyner (bass), and Alonso Chacon on the drums.

About this album, its what is says “worship” and reverent declarations, shining light in darkness, devastating brutal songs, bottom heavy breakdowns, with radio worthy choruses kicking in. And the whole thing is a message of love, respect and redemption (for everyone).

Christ instructed his disciples to spread his teachings (known as The Great Commission), with some deep thought and reflection, that is how the band chose this as their name. There is no hiding who they are, or what they believe or why the play their music. Its all on this CD.

The drums on here are done well, pulling all the instruments together to make it have its sound. The guitars have a heavy edge to them, with some good riffing going on. The vocals are hardcore, but not too much , not the screaming non stop. So more or less makes for a softer hardcore band. The lyrics are all positive ones. And that’s because there is no mistaking that this band is all about Christianity. Through and through.

The only problem I have with them is they say “that plenty of bands seek fame, fortune, respect and adoration”. And that’s where they are so wrong, most of the metal bands out there, hardly break even on tour, then sleep in their vans, or at a friends place. Their food supply is McDonalds or Wendy’s (unless they have a good friend to feed them). They are not seeking fame, they are doing it for the love , its their passion to play music. And there is definitely no fortune to be made, respect, yes that I agree with, they get a lot of respect for what they do from their fans. No doubt about that one. Adoration, that they get without even asking, because they do all of this just for their fans, and the love of what they do. I know this because I personally know alot of the metal bands that come through our cities. So I think TGC needs to change their thought on that.

This was probably the hardest CD for me to review, as I am not a religious person at all, I am a atheist, so I basically listened to the music, which I enjoyed. Sorry lyrical content not my cup of tea.

The Great Commission has said they are driven by artistic viewpoint, charitable works, political messages. Their only desire is to draw their audience closer to the presence of God. I wish them luck.