APRIL 15th, 2011  


Review by: Metal Mom


The Famine is a Death metal / Metal band out of Texas and “The Architects of Guilt” is their 3rd release with 11 tracks since their beginning in 2007.

In all fairness I had never heard of THE FAMINE before doing this review, so that means I will not be comparing with their others CD‘s. Personally I don’t really like to do that, because most bands do change over time, but its suppose to be just this cd that I am reviewing.

I first listen to the Cd about 4 times, to get a real feel for what it sounds like, then I come to my conclusions. And a lot of you may not agree, but this is just my opinion and its not right or wrong, just my thoughts on it.

So here goes, a little background first, in case you are not aware of THE FAMINE,

the band initially formed with three of the original members of Embodyment in former lead vocalist Kris McCaddon, drummer Mark Garza and guitarist Andrew Godwin. Their first was titled The Famine and was released in 2007. The Famine's 2nd album “The Raven and The Reaping“, was released in 2008. Their song Consume, Devour, Repeat premiered virally on MTV’s Headbangers Blog on Nov 6 and was subsequently televised on MTV2 Headbangers Ball on Nov 8. Kris McCaddon departed from The Famine in Jan 2010. Bassist Nick Nowell took over vocals, and bass duties were quickly filled by new addition Jon Richardson as announced on the 15th. February 26, the band announced that their studio burned down with all of their equipment and tracking for their new album. And 3rd release is “The Architects of Guilt”, which is the Cd I am about to review.

Remember, this is just my opinion.

I found that it was a brutal assault on my ears, such loud screaming to start off with. The vocals are varied with some great deep growls death metal style, but then the screaming vocals came in. It was great to have the varied styles on the CD, I just wasn’t fussy about the yelling ones, as the growling voice seemed to fit the CD much better, because the music is a more of a brutal sound. The vocals are done by the bassist Nick Nowell who replaced Kris McCaddon. There were a few good guitar solos in it as well. The drumming was fast and furious but just too loud and to prominent, it seemed to take over the songs. In each of the songs, you would just start enjoying the tempo and start head banging to a pattern when the music changed and you couldn’t pick out a steady beat to band your head, or throw your horns in the air. It was just a little chaotic at times. I have been to many shows, and the crowds love it when they can headbang and throw the horns in the air. No.6 was my favourite , called “The Crown and The Holy See”, this song was well put together, everything fit throughout the song.


All of the above is just my opinion don’t forget. And there were some parts I liked, the growling vocals, the guitar solos, the drumming was good, just too loud. I am not saying don’t buy it, as I am sure there are many out there that will just love it. So give it a try, you might be one of them. This might just be ‘THE NEW HELL’ for you.