JUNE 22nd 2013

Review by Metal Mom

I just want to say how saddened I was when I heard Jan 22 of this year that The Devil’s Blood was returning into nothingness. That all planned Rituals will be cancelled and no more interviews done. I had just seen them 7 times on the Decibel Magazine Tour in 2012 and thought WOW, another band to add to my list of listening pleasure. So R.I.P. The Devil’s Blood 2007 - 2013. What a shame.

But wait, it was also announced that they had plans to put into motion the release of their very last material. Prior to disbanding in January, they had been working on pre-production of what would have been their 3rd album. So not wanting this to lay away they recorded it at SL’s home studio, even though the quality of the recording may not have been up to the standard they hoped for, they thought it would best to do what they could to give the fans their last material, their very last occult offering.  This was handed over to their friend and mentor Pieter G. Kloos to master in his studio. The artwork for the cd was done by Manuel Tinnemans.

THE DEVIL'S BLOOD has always been an entity that challenged any loyalty or thankfulness towards any earthly influence. In other words they are their own, musically and lyrically, they stand apart. This new CD is what I think is a journey, from the beginning to the final year of existence.  

Now what do I think of it….I am not really sure…after seeing them live 7 times, they had the energy and power to put you into a trance. Maybe its because its not fully mastered , I don’t know, but I had a hard time getting into it. I found it a little too slow, and the songs long, maybe more of a doom, stoner type of sound on this album. I tried numerous times listening to it, hoping that maybe I didn’t listen all the way through, that maybe at some point in the song, that it would pick up and it would feel like I was watching their concerts. But I didn’t get that, I was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I mean they did execute all the guitars, drums, vocals well, but I just was expecting more of a pick up , headbanging , throw your horns high in the air kind of experience. Its really a shame that their last album gave me this response. But hopefully for others it doesn’t, that they are thrilled with the new Devil’s Blood songs. I am sorry, I do hate to give a negative review, but I think being their last one, that it could have maybe been more of an occult message that left us wanting more. But if you are a huge fan, give it a listen and make your own judgement.

III: Tabula Rasa Or Death And The Seven Pillars" track listing:

01. I was Promised a Hunt
- Part III - …and the holy cunt spewed forth abomination…
- Part II - …wielding the hammer of the dead…
- Part I - …upon the aimless path…
02. The Lullaby of the Burning Boy
03. …If not a Vessel?
04. In the loving Arms of Lunacy's secret Demons
05. Dance of the Elements
06. White Storm of Teeth
07. Tabula Rasa

The record will be released by Ván Records in Europe and the rest of the world and by Metal Blade in North America. It will be available as digital download, CD and LP starting the 30th of April in Europe and a date soon to be announced in the USA/Canada.