NOVEMBER 23rd 2013

Review by YouFO

The newest TESTAMENT was released October 11th, 2013 and in several different formats containing high quality bonus materials and are about to reach a highlight in their 25 years. Actual filming took place in front of a frantic audience on Feb 15 at The Paramount Theatre in Huntington, New York. There are 19 live tracks, video clip of Native Blood, countless stage cams, including the centre of the moshpits, and additional backstage footage. An unforgettable true life experience for any  thrash fan.

What do I say…it’s pure thrash through and through. All you thrashers out there, there is no mistaking that this is obviously something you should have in your collection. There is good reason that Testament has been around for decades. They know what they are doing, how to please their fans. And this is a prime example of it. This is basically a selection of old and newer songs, there is a lot of energy here, but I am not telling you something you don’t already know. No matter if it’s the old stuff or their newer songs, its all the distinctive sound of thrash. And we would expect nothing else. This is definitely something that you need to have in your collection. I have enjoyed listening numerous times, and haven’t gotten tired of it yet. There is nothing I can say that you don’t already know about Testaments sound. So this is short. Just the name of Testament says it all. So get out there and support.

Dark Roots Of Thrash was produced by Get Hammered Productions, directed by Tommy Jones and mixed by Juan Urteaga.

Track Listings -
CD 1
1. The Star Spangled-Banner (Intro)
2. Rise Up
3. More Than Meets the Eye
4.Burnt Offerings
5. Native Blood
6. True American Hate
7. Dark Roots Of Earth
8. Into the Pit
9. Practice What You Preach

CD 2
 1. Rining the Snake
 2. Eyes of Wrath
 3. Trial By Fire
 4. The Haunting
 5. New Order
 6. Do Not Resuscitate
 7. Three Days In Darkness
 8. Formation Of Damnation
 9. Over The Wall
10.Disciples Of the Watch

 1. Intro
 2. Rise Up
 3. More Than Meets The Eye
 4. Burnt Offerings
 5. Native Blood
 6. True American Hate
 7. Dark Roots Of Earth
 8. Into The Pit
 9. Practice What You Preach
10. Riding The Snake
11. Eyes Of Wrath
12. Trial By Fire
13. The Haunting
14. The New Order
15. Do Not Resuscitate
16. Three Days In Darkness
17. The Formation Of Damnation
 18. Over The Wall
 19. Disciples Of The Watch
 20. Credits

 21. Backstage Footage
 22. Native Blood (Video Clip)