JULY 20th 2012

Review by: Metal Mom

Single to Review- “True American Hate”

TESTAMENT is about to release their 10th highly anticipated new album “Dark Roots of Earth”. Release dates are July 27th  in Europe, and July 31st in North America through Nuclear Blast Records.

TESTAMENT as you know is one of the very first thrash metal bands to come out of the Bay area. They started back in 1983 as “Legacy”, 3 years later they become TESTAMENT.

I don’t need to tell you, if you are a fan, you know what to expect from this highly successful band, and they have not let us down. Their single “True American Hate” is filled with some brutal drumming, catchy guitar riffs with an impressive solo added in for your listening pleasure. This song is commanding, exceptional, and lets not forget all mighty fast. Its what we come to know as Testaments savage style. This CD review only consisted of the single, however, that being said, this single is fantastic, and cannot wait to hear what else Testament can throw into our faces this time around. I do agree with this "One song" reviewing system, it does prevent illegal downloading of a whole new album, and good old fashioned going to the record store, and buying it !! Kudo's to these brave thrashers!

If this is just a single taste of whats to come in the days ahead, then I am guessing its going to be an album we all want to have in our collection.