MAY 28th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Well this was a real surprise, covering a show that I had no idea of what these bands sounded like, or even who they were. So, ventured into Vancouver to the Venue on Sunday, May 28th to check out all three bands. I personally don't like to listen to the music on youtube or anywhere else to see what I can expect, just because the true experience happens live. That’s what they really sound like, not all production to make it sound great.

First up, SUMO CYCO, a four-piece, female fronted, hard rock band from Hamilton. They have some great rocking riffs and some blast beats that will melt your face off, but they’re also a band, that you don’t want to stand still for. You want to get up and dance around, which by the way the singer for Sumo Cyco did, there were a couple of times she came down into the audience for some interaction with her fans. Well, you know this got a fantastic response from the crowd. A truly great performance by all the guys/gal up on that stage. Amazing energy too. What a great way to start off the night, for the fans, but for myself as well. Oh, by the way, they are metal/punk. Yes, imagine me listening to punk. I did, and they sure kicked ass, and got the crowd stoked.

Now, the crowd is amped up for ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE. This band was the highlight of the night for me, only 3 members and with amazing style, cranked out their Electronica / Rock / Industrial style of music. To tell you the truth, I don’t care what you call it, these three have a way of drawing you in, capturing you, and holding on tight. I had such an amazing time, enjoying every second of their set. I even had my hand held by Lord K, yes, that does make for a special memory, and one I won’t forget. It all adds to the showmanship of this band. Such amazing energy, such talent. I am so impressed, to see each of them doing what they do, loving it, and giving so much to their fans. Lord K, had some real connections to his fans, Dave Tavecchia moved all around the stage with some great riffs, keyboardist Albert Vorne (Trabla), well, they all did such an exemplary showcase of their music. I still have it in my head, as I am sure most still do, how could you not. I am telling you, if you have never seen these guys perform live, it is a must, even if you are a diehard metal fan, you can still appreciate the music that strikes a chord in your heart. So, see them. I will be there for sure next time, hope I don’t have to wait too long. I also loved the fact that I could stand right up at the stage, and not get slammed into, bonus for an excellent time. Just go witness them on stage. Sadly, I don’t think I gave this band the justice they deserve in this write up. If I rated bands, they would be 10/10.

Next up is THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, from Toronto, and the finishing touch to a great night. First off though I would like to mention Nik Pesut from Vancouver, who filled in on drums tonight. Great job. I will say they are more rock to my ears when I listen, but they classify themselves as Rock / New Wave / Synthpop. That’s fine, I never go by genres anyway, it is all about whether I like the music, it doesn’t matter what genre, or subgenre they are in. These guys put on an excellent show, had their set nailed down, and executed it to perfection. Love the vocals from Chibi, I mean everyone did a great job, just look around the room, and they delivered. Although, I did get tired of the fellow (I think Rainbow), don’t know them by name, but looking up on stage, he was the second one in from the left, he was always spitting on the speakers, stepping on his guitar cord, and unplugging it, laughing and saying to others, I am wasted, losing his balance. Yeah, not very professional fella, and it doesn’t look good for the other band members either. I actually had a few people ask me what was up with him. Sorry, but I don’t know the band, so …  It is a shame though. The rest of the band did such an amazing job, they outshone him, and hopefully took away from his drunkenness/stoned appearance. I was impressed with the rest of the team, and the crowd loved The Birthday Massacre.

Truly this was an absolute amazing show, so thank you so much to The Invisible Orange for bringing such a kick as tour to our town. It rocked. Not often that I can enjoy all the bands of the night, and be so happy, excited to hear such talent. I left with a huge smile on my face, and some really terrific memories, and made some great friends too.