SEPTEMBER 11th 2012

Review by: Metal Mom

What can you expect from this Finnish soprano? Well her first live solo album of monumental undertaking. It was filmed and recorded in 2 nights with 10 HD at the breathtaking El Circulo Theatre in Rosario, Argentina in early spring of 2012. It’s released as 2 CD 2 DVD and Blu Ray format, on the Armoury Records imprint of Eagle Rock.  This is Tarja’s attempt to distance herself from Nightwish.

What you will find here is an elaborate track listing of solo tunes, some Nightwish classics and a few covers, including a rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera“, Garry Moore’s “Over the Hills and Far Away”, and Whitesnakes “Still of the Night”. Its also a colleague of material taken from “My Winter Storm”, “What Lies Beneath”, and some previously original non released songs. For me, I am not a fan of live cd’s because I find the noise of the fans takes away from the singer, but it is just the opposite here, her voice makes me forget the fans at her concerts.

Tarja has a voice like no other, she is a singer - songwriter and composer, she has been given the title of one of the finest vocals in the symphonic and metal realm, but I feel it needs to be taken even further, to encompass some soprano as she has a vocal range of three octaves. Some have even gone as far to say its an epic journey of pop and classical meeting metal, well if that’s the case, it never sounded so good. What an extraordinary accomplishment. One that will take her on a new amazing start to her career. These 2 discs of 12 songs each show Tarja’s true colours. I think if you were a fan of hers while she was in Nightwish, or you follow her now as Tarja, you will thoroughly enjoy what she has accomplished with this. It’s a true showcase of her talent, in other words it’s a full fledged bill of fare for every diehard fan. Her vocals are crystal clear, and a real pleasure to listen to, and I myself think that the whole production is impeccable.

Whether you are a fan or not, I highly recommend this to you and your friends. Tarja’s voice is one you wont soon forget.