JULY 26th,2011

Review by: Chris

This is the 8th album from this progressive metal band called SYMPHONY X who formed back in 1994 by Michael Romeo. And this band doesn’t need any introductions, the metal world knows who I am talking about, but I will give you everyone’s names just in case someone doesn’t know SX. There is Michael Romeo on guitar, Russell Allen doing vocals, Michael Pinnella on keyboards, Michael LePond on the bass, and completing SYMPHONY X is drummer Jason Rullo. They call home Jew Jersey.

Iconoclast was recorded at The Dungeon, produced by Michael Romeo, and artwork on the cd was done by Warren Flanagan (Watchmen/Incredible Hulk 2012). The label is Nuclear Blast.

This 9 track album is one that is a theme, and the theme is all about machines taking over everything, and how all this technology being the cause of our demise. SX includes complex timing / odd meters while incorporating symphonic and traditional heavy metal. This album sounds similar to Paradise Lost, but more intense, with something old and something new added. To me it is an easy listen, accessible to the listener. With fine tuned lyrics about man vs. machine. It is the same SX style but they have incorporated some industrial sounds to make it more intense and aggressive. The vocals come from Russell who can project his voice to make it majestic and who is probably one of the best metal singers out there. Of course the keyboards are what bring in the melodic touch.

This is SYMPHONY X , its what we expect and they have added something extra with this album. If you are a fan, you know what I mean about these guys. And if you aren’t, then give this CD a listen, I am sure you will enjoy it to the fullest, and of course become a fan, its inevitable.