DECEMBER 5th 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Ahoy scallywags

Genre: Pirate Thrash/Death Metal
Hometown: Central New Jersey, USA
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Admiral Nobeard: Throat, Bottom Dwelling, Plank-n-String
Commodore RedRum: Gut-n-Wood, Keys-o-the-Seas
Legendary Pirate King Eric "The" Brown: Skins-n-Sticks, Skulls-n-Bones

Ahoy ya scallywags, grab your grog you landlubbers and let’s see if they have hoisted the true colours.

This ye hearties is the 4th from these pirates. They have risen from Davy Jones Locker to give some booty. Some impressive jingles to be heard for sure. All took place at The Sound of Revolution with Len Carmichael.

August 5th the quartermaster at Get This Right Records will have stockpiles of We Hate the Sea in a motherload of colors/pressings, 200 on blue/white swirl/ 200 on black, and a limited run of 100 on red/black smoke which will be limited to preorders which will be  numbered, with a special edition cover and a message from the band. And Aye, this EP also marks the first recording with drummer, legendary pirate king, Eric “The” Brown.
All these pirates have their ores in the water.

Well shiver me timbers, this is true horns waggling , metal, punk, done pirates style. Come on landlubbers, belay,  this is not a mutiny, this is an all out fun and metal EP to
Enjoy- Arrrr!!! Avast, one that you need to pillage for.

Track Listings:
1. Beer Goggles
A song about getting so drunk you would have sex with a women that is very robust.
2. I Hate The Sea (and Everything in It)
Negative song
3. Poopdeck Toilet Wreck
About destroying a toilet in a German hostel.
4. Slaughter Upon International Waters
Another form of negative.