MAY 28th 2014

Review by Ruben Mosqueda

A lot of the kids who grew up in the 80s were turned on to Alice Cooper when he released his blockbuster album ‘Trash’ in 1989. The album featured Cooper’s highest charting single “Poison.” Having blown the doors wide open to the mainstream, Cooper received commercial success and was embraced throughout most of the 90s.

It’s incredible to think that there are kids to this day who are clueless that ‘Alice Cooper’ started off as a ‘band’ and not as the solo artist that they know today.

There have been many documentaries about Alice Cooper (solo artist) and the Alice Cooper band has been the subject of the VH-1 Behind the Music series. While those shows are well done, the Cooper episode glossed over a lot of the details of the history of ‘the band.’ 10-15 minutes of the Alice Cooper (band) back story is sacrilegious. And there’s also another documentary titled ‘Prime Cuts’ which digs a little deep into the history; however left the viewer unsatisfied.

When I heard that Banger Films were working on an Alice Cooper documentary I was certainly excited. Banger Films’ work on RUSH’s ‘Beyond the Lighted Stage’ and Iron Maiden’s ‘Flight 666’ are stellar, and their work raised the bar for ‘Super Duper Alice Cooper.’

Even if you know the story of the origin of the Alice Cooper band—this retelling of the tale is simply refreshing and makes it new all over again. There’s the participation of the surviving original band members which is a huge plus. The directors approached the film in a form of collage of vintage photography, intertwined stock performance interview footage, along with recent audio interviews by the Alice Cooper band and the likes of; Elton John, Bernie Taupin, Iggy Pop, John Lyddon, producer Bob Ezrin, manager Shep Gordon among others.

‘Super Duper Alice Cooper’ takes you through the rise of the glam act through the implosion of the group to the early part of Alice’s solo career and his struggles with substances. There’s a story within a story as Vincent Furnier loses himself spiritually in the character of Alice Cooper then regains control of his life years later. The film ends with Alice’s big comeback as he performed in Detroit on Halloween concert on October 31st, 1986; which aired live nationally on MTV.

Unfortunately there’s no footage of the Alice Cooper band getting inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. While it would have been nice inclusion that would have been additional ground to cover. All in all ‘Super Duper Alice Cooper’ is an entertaining film with fabulous storytelling and a fantastic explosion of images that clash brilliantly. I viewed the theatrical version and now a few weeks after it’s release it’s now available on Blu-Ray.

The only disappointment with ‘Super Duper Alice Cooper’ is that lack of bonus material which doesn’t really hit the spot. Then again the main feature is so spectacular that nothing featured after it on the DVD would match it’s greatness.