JULY 10th,2011

Review by: Metal Mom  

I am going to be truthful here, I have never listened to Suicide Silence, and didn’t know what to expect really. But I didn’t want to listen to any previous CD’s, this way it is all about their newest release, “The Black Crown” which comes out on July 12 as they are on tour with Rockstar Mayhem Festival.

In case there is anyone like me who doesn’t know this band, I will give you a little history. This California extreme/death metal band came on the scene in 2005 and became a 5 piece force of destruction. The ones who dominate are Mitch Luker (vocals), Chris Garza (guitar), Mark Heylmun (guitar), Alex Lopez (drums), and Dan Kenny on bass. This band has achieved Revolvers Golden God Awards, in fact two of them, one was “Best New Talent”, and the other “Most Innovative Band”, which is very impressive. They have also appeared on Revolver magazine, also named one of the “100 Bands You Need to Know”, by Alternative Press.

SUICIDE SILENCE have also performed on some well known festivals, like Vans Warped Tour / Music as a Weapon IV / Download Festival / Rockstar Mayhem Festival (2008, 2011), they were asked back to Rockstar Mayhem in 2011 because they played so aggressively and captivated the crowds in 2008. They are also confirmed to play Graspop / Vainstream and other European Festivals this year. Pretty impressive for a band that’s only been around since 2005. They are definitely a force that will dominate the metal world. Slipknot / Slayer / Megadeth and many more are just a few of the names they have played with on tours.

Ready to bang your head, take part in a mosh pit. SUICIDE SILENCE will find their way into your world to make it all happen. And these 11 tracks on their new release will help you prepare.

Musically I really enjoyed how they pulled it all together. They are the definition of death metal / hardcore. With all those fast blast beats, the great riffing that takes place, the vocals, clean and brutal at the same time, its what it takes to be who they are. As I listened to this CD, I could envision the mosh pits, and that will be one I stay away from, it will be brutal. There are a couple of nice additions they have added to The Black Crown, number one being a guest singing appearance by Jonathan Davis (KORN), on “Witness the Addiction”, this is probably my favourite, I enjoyed the two voices together, nice work of complimenting each other. Second is the added voice of Suffocations Frank Mullen on “Smashed”. Two nice surprises on this album. I recommend it to all those hardcore fans out there.

Don’t forget to check the dates and cities for Rockstar Mayhem Festival to catch SUICIDE SILENCE live, and prepare for the wall of death.