FEBRUARY 9th, 2014
Review By: YouFO

Release Date - 18 January 2014 under Solar Flare Records

Well this is a new one for me, this band is from the shores of France. They have been around since 2002, but yet I had an almost impossible time trying to find them on facebook. I got some info from the people who sent over the cd to review, so I will pass it along to you in case you don’t know this band either. It seems that there has been a multitude of lineup changes over the years. They do have 2 previous albums, EP, a split and a dozen compilations. This .. Incorporate the Excess is just their 3rd album.

Basically they are a hardcore grind very angry sounding band. Their career spans 150 shows, including 5 European tours, with runs with the likes of Coalesce, Russian Circles, Jucifer, Genghis Tron, and many others, all who I haven’t heard of either in the years I have listened to the many genres of music.

What you are going to get out of this is a blasting grindcore noise-soaked hardcore album reminiscent of the turn-of-the-century pioneers Botch, Keelhaul, Unsane, and Knut, (not heard of them either).  This 7 track CD was recorded and mixed by Amaury Sauvé at Studio La Senelle and mastered by Nick Zampiello/Rob Gonella at New Alliance East.

STUNTMAN’s newest release will be put out by Solar Flare Records on Jan. 18 of this year as a 12” LP in both black and clear / splatter colour schemes. There will also be a CD release through Head Records, and a cassette through Lost Pilgrim. Lots to choose from if you are so inclined to purchase “Incorporate The Excess”.

1. Broken Mirrors Lacerate
2. The Patriot, The Elite, The Icon
3. Bag Of Dicks
4. Horn Of Misery
5. Roll The Skull
6. Chaos Shepherd
7. Scarecrow Warfare

Now to the point….did I like this or enjoy this Cd at all. Some of it. Okay, let me explain, musically, I found it okay, the more I listened, the more I liked the musical side of it. But the vocals did nothing for me. Sorry. Don’t forget, this is just my opinion. But considering this is my first time listening to this band, I personally cannot recommend it, maybe, maybe, if the vocals were deeper, that might have helped, but the two (music/vocals) just didn’t make for a great combination for me to listen to, it just seemed to be noise, angry noise.  What didn’t help was the intro, all noise, not exactly sure what it was suppose to be, sounded like a control centre, with static. I tried numerous times, but I honestly have to say, I could not listen any more.