SEPTEMBER 16th 2012

Review by: Metal Mom

STRATOVARIUS was formed back in 1982 in Finland, and have made a name for themselves over the years. They have also released many albums in the process and are considered along with a few others to be one of the leading groups of power metal and symphonic metal genres. Now who can argue with that combination.

You could say that this 2 CD/DVD with 2 hours of solid music is a tribute to their former drummer Jorg Michael, who back in September of 2011 decided to leave the band. This was a shock to everyone. This is the last show that Jorg played and it was all filmed and recorded in Tampere Finland. It was released here in North America by Eagle Rock imprint Armoury Records. How is this for a great start, Under Flaming Winter Skies entered the charts straight off at No.1 when it was released overseas, marking an end but at the same time a new beginning.

There are some well know hits from Stratovarius and some old classics, along with some exclusive material, like a 30 minute documentary all about the bands history, and lets not neglect to mention interviews with each of the band members, and a special talk with Jorg explaining his reasons for leaving Stratovarius. I think you could safely say that that in itself makes this set pretty much a collectors item for all their fans.

Back in 2008 the guys found themselves emerging and moving forward, creating what they have today. There is a lot of things that make a band, and Stratovarius has pulled together and draw from their talented musicians to create something that is uniquely their own.

Under Flaming Winter Skies track listing:

CD 1
 1. Under Flaming Skies
 2. I Walk to My Own Song
 3. Speed of Light
 4. Kiss of Judas
 5. Deep Unknown
 7. Eagleheart
 8. Paradise
 9. Visions
11. Coming Home

CD 2
1. Legions of the Twilight
2. Darkest Hours
3. Burn
4. Behind Blue Eyes
5. Winter Skies
7. Black Diamond
8. Father Time
9. Hunting High and Low

DVD Track Listing:
 1. Intro
 2. Under Flaming Skies
 3. I Walk to my Own Song
 4. Speed of Light
 5. Kiss of Judas
 6. Deep Unknown
 8. Eagleheart
 9. Paradise
10. Visions
12. Coming Home
13. Legions of the Twillight
14. Darkest Hours
15. Jorg Speech
16. Burn
17. Behind Blue Eyes
18. Winter Skies
20. Black Diamond
21. Father Time
22. Hunting High and Low

This is really a phenomenal masterpiece they have created together with zeal and dedication, and flawless in its production. The execution of each song is done to perfection. What more can you ask for when wanting to listen to something this well done. Nothing. Its exactly what all fans will be wanting. It is truly a treasure to behold.