AUG 23rd,2011 

Review by: Metal Mom

A Little history on Stillborn:

1997- formed in Mielec by Killer and Gopher.
1999 - 1st demo (Mirrormaze)
2000 - Dgi (bass) joins
2001 - 2nd demo (Die in Torment 666)
2002 - Urbanek takes Gopher place
2004 - Announcement of another demo a split with Azarath (DeathMonsters)
2008 - A tribute to Unholy Metal is released (Esta Rebelion Es Eterna)
2009 - Records its own version of ‘A Demons Tale’ to put on a tribute album. Start on new music and lyrics.
2009 - Rzulty joins to play guitar
2010 - Dzien Nocy is released
2011 - Release of their newest work “Los Asesinos del Sur” which means “Murders from the South”

Now I would like someone to explain why so many awe-inspiring bands come out of Poland. You know many of them, Behemoth, Hate, Vesania, Vader, Decapitated, Naumachia, and so many more, and Stillborn belongs in this category. I always look forward to reviewing CD‘s that come from Poland, due to the range of out-standing bands that stem from this country.

Their new release, which is their 4th, is a worldwide exclusive distribution from Pagan Records. The Cd will be released in standard form. The recordings were done in the winter of 2010 in Bochnia in Kwart Studios, with Piotr Lekki as sound engineer. The cover artwork was done by ataman Tolovy. And the booklet of the album is based on paintings of the young artist from Tarnow, Kamil Kukla.

Members for Stillborn are :

Ataman Tolovy

These 4 polish guys have created a 10 track intensive, raw furious CD. There are no digital effects on here. And your getting your veins pumped full of old fashioned death metal, with some pretty heavy hellish vocals. The lyrics, well they are intelligent lyrics, containing completely unintelligent, instinctive and intolerant substance. There is lots of energy found here with the impressive guitar riffs that blaze trails throughout the CD. And let us not forget about the drums, the never ending murderous drum blasts, fill each and every one of these 10 tracks to perfection. The bass, its there, you know it, sometimes you don’t really hear it, but you know its also what makes each song complete. All in all, this was really a great pleasure to review. This was my first CD that was from STILLBORN, and it wont be the last if this is the indication of how well they have mastered what they do.

So pick up your own copy when it comes out, its old fashioned death metal, one that’s sounds really good blasting out of your car stereo.