SEPT 9th,2011
Band's line-up:
Killer - guitars, vocals
Ataman Tolovy - bass guitar, backing vocals
August - drums
Rzulty – guitars

Band contact:



Mirrormaze – demo’99
Die in Torment 666 – demo’01
Death Monsters – split CD’04 (with Azarath) Time Before Time Records
Announcement of Forthcoming Desecration – promo’04
Satanas El Grande – CD`04 Pagan Records
Manifiesto De Blasfemia – CD’07 Pagan Records
Esta Rebelión Es Eterna – CD’08 Dissonance Records
Los Asesinos del Sur – CD’10 Ataman Productions / Pagan Records

STILLBORN on-line:


1) Now Sept. 1, you released your 4th album with 10 intense, raw and furious tracks. This CD sounds amazing, you put some hard work into it, do you think your fans will enjoy it as well ?

It’s hard to say. There are quite a lot of extreme metal maniacs who will appreciate our work. Not hard work though. The others are remote controlled and I don’t give a shit about them. But the most important thing is that we enjoy it all the time, from the moment we start writing the music, through recording and producing, till we finally hold the album in our gently grasp. Moreover, the album still doesn’t bore us, although we’ve been listening to it for months. Even now when I check the inside of my CD player I can find the album there. 

2) What made you decide to choose "Los Asesinos del Sur" as the name for this album ?

Not to choose. To create. I’ll reveal one of its meanings. In our country Stillborn gained the nickname “Murderers from Mielec“. I transposed it into “Murderers from the South”. Half of the band, including me, come from Tarnów and both cities are in South Poland. Since we consistently give our albums Spanish titles, here is the simplest interpretation. But there are more meanings. There is a reference, paraphrase, metaphor and allegory. 

3) You worked with friend Piotr Lekki, did this make it easier to work with someone who knows what you want your CD to sound like ? 

Apart from being a sound engineer and producer, Piotr is also a musician. He started his career at the end of the 80’s and he played, among others, in the first line-up of Schizmatic, the Death Metal band known in Poland. Now he plays blues and rock but that’s not relevant. It is the band that is to know how they should sound and with this sound they enter the studio. The engineer’s task is to record the sound faithfully without any unnecessary interference. Piotr managed to achieve this effect and that wasn’t the first time we worked together. Both Piotr and the band always appreciate this cooperation. Since both sides value authenticity, we understand each other perfectly. Thus, I can say it was easy. 

4) Was it a long process to finish this album, or did you have most of the songs, drums, guitars all down before you went into the studio, so it was quick to record this CD ?

We always enter the studio with ready material. This is what rehearsals are for, where we give our compositions the final shape. This album was recorded within about thirty hours including cigarette breaks. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the maximum potential of this album record the album full live as we were restricted by the technical capabilities. But the instruments were recorded almost entirely during the first sitting by the first takes. Piotr was already doing the mixing while we were recording, later he only added some beauty treatments little corrections. The recordings also didn’t undergo digital editing. Believe it or not, mastering took me about a quarter of an hour.

5) Do you have a favourite song on this album, and why that choice ?

Each of us has their favourite song and usually each of us has a different one. For me it’s the title song. It has its own history. I wrote it in 1990. In 2009 I only added the opening riff, slowing down at the end and the lyrics. Additionally, it’s the conclusion of the concept of the album and it has excellent guitar solo.

6) Are there any plans to put a song to video ?

There are some vague plans. If they come true, we will definitely do the video ourselves. A part of the script is already done. 

7) Do you pay attention to what CD reviewers say about the new one, or you don't care because you are playing what you want, and you like what you do ?

Unfortunately, I have to have my finger on the pulse. I released this album and I promote it. For this reason, I’m interested in what people write about it and I pass on this information to others, so they know there’s something happening with the album. It’s a very shitty job, I could focus on creating something else instead. I obviously read your review sent by our friend, Greg Rosenstahl Fijałkowski, the man who believes in us and without which we wouldn’t have this conversation. This is him who does most of the job connected with album promotion and we are very grateful to him. I replied to him, “The best review I’ve read so far. It seems that the woman copied the text promoting the album but she also added a few words from herself and I can see that she has listened to it and she really likes it. All you need to do is to read between the lines…”. It’s not sucking up to you. If you don’t believe, I still have this email.

8) You mentioned that you don't tour, but do you play shows in Poland at all, just local ones ?

We are not the group that needs to play 300 gigs to make the money. We can do different things. Each of us has a responsible job. For us music is an urge, not a necessity. During the last few years we organized annually a little tour around Poland called Legions of Death Attack. We always played with heavy, extreme bands, not the ones from tabloids. At these gigs we always see the same faces. In our case, a few gigs during a year is enough. We are obviously open to offers, both Polish and from abroad, but we will never play seeing the world from a knees perspective.

9) Is there anyone that inspired you, that made you want to play music, establish a band?

That’s a good question. I’ve never thought about this. I think such a need appeared naturally at a certain moment in my life. I’d been listening to Metal for a few years and the moment came when I wanted to create it also. If someone is a creative person they must find a vent for their emotions. Otherwise they die extended. If someone establishes a band appealing to current trends, it will never be a good band, at most a good product for manipulated consumers.

10. THANK YOU ( Dziękuję ) for doing this interview for MetalTitans. Is there anything you would like to say or send out to your fans.....

Thank you for the interview and support. Beware of these coming from the South…
Ataman Tolovy, Tarnów, 04.IX.2011