JUNE 28th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper


It’s a Thursday night, but really, who cares…..STEEL PANTHER is in town, and who in their right mind is going to miss this parody of glam from the 80‘s. Well it sure isn’t going to be me. I saw these guys perform back in January of this year, and it was my very first time witnessing the Steel. Now I am hooked, I have to say they are probably one of the best fun bands around today, mimicking the style of the oldies, but with their own variation added in. There is some “X” rated scenarios up on the stage, a lot more than in January, last time was mild. I have to say that I even blushed at some of the things that were going on…(laughing), and no, I am not a prude, but I also know that this is what the band is all about, this is what they are known for. So you can either turn away or just watch the band members, and who doesn’t want to watch those gorgeous hunks strutting their stuff on stage, or for the others who enjoy the “X” portion, you go right ahead and enjoy yourselves.

Now to start with, I was there really early, I know for these guys, people get there, and hog that front row. So I made sure I got up front for the full effect of Steel Panther. I think I was there by 8:30 and Panther came on about 10:45, yes I stood that long. There was a DJ that came on, got everyone pumped right up and ready for the Steel. By the time they came on stage, everyone was ready and the energy was high for what was to come…

Everyone knew the songs they played, they were singing right along with them. Now for those of you who might not know the band, let me introduce you to these sexy heart throbs, first there is the vocalist, Michael Starr, with aviator glasses on, long flowing wavy blonde hair and tight pants. This man can belt out those tunes to perfection, and get the crowd motivated. Next we have Satchel on lead guitar, with muscles bursting through his torn shirt, the dark sexy brown hair, and you got it, tight pants, lets say I don’t think you would notice if he couldn’t play that guitar worth beans, but damn he can shred. Then of course we have Lexxi Foxx, tall with long flowing wind blown hair, perfect complexion, gorgeous lips, and tight sexy pants who plays a pounding instrument, his bass of course, oh and lets not forget, he does bring on stage with him to keep his gorgeous self looking so beautiful, a sparkling pink mirror, with some lipstick that he applies throughout the show. And there is no way to forget the drummer, Stix Zadinia, who can blast those drum beats right through your body, he is an amazing drummer, with long dark hair, ruggedly handsome, well toned body and puts on a show for all to be mesmerized with, including catching his drumsticks in mid air when tossed to him.

What can I tell you…if you have not seen STEEL PANTHER, where have you been living. The truth is, when you have enjoyed ONE of their shows, you are going to want more. However, they can fill a room to capacity and turn their fans into a chaotic crowd, and whats better than that? For them, they can witness the love of the crowd.

They played many of their well known songs tonight, and yes, I got to sing along because since the first time in January, I haven’t stopped playing their music, and its great to be able to sing along with them, enjoying the energy and the talent behind STEEL PANTHER. First song they started off with was Supersonic Sex Machine, and then in no particular order .. Fat girl, Asian Hooker, Gold Diggin Whore, my personal favourite was Party All Night….but damn they are all fantastic songs. They move around the stage, switching sides, so you don’t have to worry, you get to see each and every one of them, even the drummer comes up to Lexxi’s mic, so its all good. Great timing on their kicks as well, and their jumps, like I said, when they put on a show, its not one to be missed, they are perfectionist, sexy ones, but they have their set down which is why its so much fun to see. Whats not to like, come on, some sexy handsome guys on stage, strutting their stuff. Bonus for me: Lexxi Foxx threw me his guitar pic, a pink one with his name on one side, and what looks like to be a gingerbread man on the other. I am curious though, with all the boobs, and other such things up on stage every night, do they ever get tired of it, seeing the same over and over, I mean think of all the times they have seen it, is there anything that would make them stand up and notice ? Just wondering. But I truly had a blast and I am seriously contemplating going to their show in Seattle at the Showbox on July 11. And if its not possible to go because we are covering others festivals/concerts….well you can bet you’re a-- , when they come back to Vancouver, I am once again going to be up front enjoying myself ;)

Fantastic show you guys, see you again next time.