JULY 20th 2012

Review By: Richard Steven Hensey
Photos By: Peter Ruttan

What better way to spend an Saturday evening on the Vancouver strip with a show at the Vogue Theater seeing the St Bastard’s Society Tour. When I arrived to the show Vicious Cycles a Biker B Movie, Guitar Wolf 6 piece had just hit the stage. With 100 people already present, I really found this to be a good band and really good live. The sound was more of a garage/punk inflected rock and country (cowpunk?) as this band is all about biking, boozing & brawling. Musically, Loud & Fun. If you don’t like a song, a new one will come in about 2 and a half minutes. If you missed out they’ll be back playing at a local vancouver venue or bar so go check them out!

The Ancients was a pleasant surprise. This quartet made up of Kenny Cook (Lead Vocals, Guitars), Chris Dyck (Guitar and Vocals), Aaron “Boon” Gustafson (Bass) and Mike Hannay (Drums) had a mix of Opeth meets High on Fire and tracks like ‘Overthrone’ and ‘Faith and Oath’ really shone. I wasn’t too familiar with Ancients before tonight, and I’m convinced that they are band to watch out for great things. Don’t miss Ancients the next time they roll through your town!.....(July 30th @ the Blitmore)

Bison B.C. have a big, open, heavy sound and the music travels in the ways of epic length songs, rapid tempo changes, and wild multiple shifts times in the same song. With dual growling vocalists by James Farwell and Dan And there guitars were like precision blades gouging away at the soul. The drums handled by Matt Wood would lead you through the rhythm changes while never becoming boring ( This guy was a mad man! ). Metal the way it should be. Dead simple: riffs, riffs, deathroar, riffs, riffs! But seriously, Bison B.C shows it has a lot of things going for it. Sludgy, thrashy, and primal. Anyways, they play loud and they play hard!

Finally was the main attraction, Vancouver’s defenders of heavy metal 3 Inches of Blood. Everyone was now primed as the guys played songs from all over their album career, like "Metal Woman", "Lords of Change", and "Battles & Brotherhood", and they never relented on some excellently played riffs and melodies! Cam Pipes' vocals, with his ability to sing in a falsetto that well for the whole set deserves huge props, and Justin Hagberg's harsh vocals better than Jamie Hooper's, worked out well! He and Shane Clark tore up some great solos and riffs on Saturday night, and though he was sorta off to the side for their whole set, it was great to see the excellent Zimmer Hole’s Byron Stroud live on bass! It was quite an experience to see 3IOB live, and any band whose music can lead to crowd moshers slamming into each other for a straight hour must be doing something right! Their mix of power metal and more aggressive subgenres has took them very far, and it's awesome to see them back in Vancouver. Anyone who missed 3 Inches of Blood missed a great Saturday night show and i hope to see them back on the road!