FEBRUARY 8th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom

Check out Sphere on facebook and they only have 400 likes, well maybe after this new CD “Homo Hereticus” is released on February 10th, this number will jump. Let me tell you this is one well done , well thought out album. They are only issuing 666 copies by Masterful Records.
But first….a little information on Sphere. The hometown for this 5 member death metal band is Warsaw, Poland. Their record label is Masterful Records . The members are:

Th0rn - Drums, Percussion (ex-Conquest Icon)
Lukas - Guitar (ex-Abused Majesty, Pyorrhoea, ex-Hate)
Burning - Bass (ex-Maestus (Pol)
Cthulhu - Guitar
Analripper - Vocals (ex-Pyorrhoea, Revelation of Doom), don’t you just love that name, puts an image in your mind doesn’t it?

Sphere established themselves in 2002 and stood for death metal as it was always meant to be. Delving into the brutal, straight forward and yet bona fide old school death metal sound. After some line up changes the band recorded “Spiritual dope”, a demo, and “Damned Souls Rituals”, an album followed by skull pulverizing gigs.

Three years had passed, and Sphere entered Zed Studio to record their second album “Homo Hereticus”, with Tomek "Zed" Zalewski at the helm. The artwork has been created by the band's vocalist in cooperation with Kaos who had also worked for Throneum, Christ Agony and Revelation of Doom. All samples and intros for this CD were recorded by Andy Blakk (Conquest, Icon, Empheris) exclusively. Its obvious that it stems from death metal origin but it’s enriched in fresh exemplary ideas. “Homo Hereticus” is a powerful tool blasting minds and spirits

Homo Hereticus has 12 tracks -

1. Forever Sworn to Blasphemy
2. Godless Profanity
3. Third Scent Carcass
4. Sadistfucktion
5. Homo Hereticus
6. Holistic Paralisys
7. Psalm to the Dark One
8. Grave's Cold Darkness
9. Vengeance
10. Devils Reunion
11. Beyond Madness of Gods
12. War

Metalheads and Headbangers alike are going to get right into this album. Its got exactly what you want out of a death metal CD. The vocals are vigorously brutal. Deep based growls, somewhat reminded me of Cannibal Corpse, but on a different level. The bass is very much a prominent metal sound here. The bass guitar provides the complex riffs and licks, the low-end sound crucial to making the music heavy. The onslaught of the guitars is also a compelling rhythmic sound pulling it all together for perfect balance. Now lets not forget the drums..the loud, wake the dead drum blasts that can be heard and felt in your veins. Its what the true death metal sound is all about.

I have to say Homo Hereticus is a powerful sound, with timbre, and volume and its the key elements of metal. I highly recommend this one for all Metalheads and Headbangers and for anyone who can appreciate the art of Metal.