MARCH 27th 2012
Review By: Metal Mom

Release date - March 13th on CD/Digital

Record Label - Relapse Records

Hometown - Linköping, Kalmar, Malmö, Drammen, Sweden, Norway, Germany

Members today -

Dennis Röndum - Vocals
Erlend Caspersen - Bass
Henrik Schönström - Drums
Jonas Bryssling - Guitar
Christian Müenzner - Guitar

Spawn of Possession rose from the relics of various circumstances in 1997 from Kalmar, Sweden, consisting of Jonas Bryssling (guitar), Jonas Karlsson (guitar) and Dennis Röndum (drums). The whole idea of the band was to create brutal and sick music that went outside the limits of all that had been done before in death metal history.

I have been told that this is undoubtedly perceived as one of the most mind-blowing extreme releases of 2012. SPAWN OF POSSESSION's third full-length album “Incurso” is finally available for public consumption in North America. The mind-boggling high-speed attack of “Incurso” remains as epic and smooth-flowing as it is technically intense and blatantly heavier than hell over the entire course of its 50 plus minutes. It has current and former members of Necrophagist and Obscura, that’s adds to the mix. “Incurso” is the first album to be let loose from the band in over 5 years, plus the bands first from Relapse Records, who they signed with on May 20, 2011.

There are 9 tracks on “Incurso” and they were recorded in 2011 at Pama Studio, and produced by Magnus Sedenberg. This death/technical release is full of brutality from some very talented and competent musicians. There is some orchestral backing on this album to be heard, nice touch, it adds a whole different dimension to their sound. Its also forever changing, you don’t know what to expect next. The drumming from Dennis is extreme, fast and unmerciful, the bass done by Erlend is phenomenal and can be heard. Guitar work (Jonas/Christian) unleash their madness and its pretty intense and exploding. And lets not forget the deep, dark guttural vocals by Dennis, together, they have what it takes to make this album outstanding. They also have the talent of being able to create some brutal and catchy songs, some a little slower than others, but always maintaining the heavy death tech side of things. You wont be disappointed buying this one. Go out and grab your copy, and you will see that they have just what they planned, to create brutal and sick music.