OCTOBER 10th 2017

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

Since this tour was announced, I have counted down the days. It is finally here, 3-hour drive down to Studio Seven is more than worth it.

First up tonight is sludge/punk/stoner band LODY KONG, they originate out of Phoenix, Arizona. Last time I saw them was May 2016, and let me tell you, they have truly grown as a band. There are only 3 members in this band now, and they are Igor Cavalera - Vocals/Bass, Travis Stone – Guitar, and Zyon Cavalera on Drums. Great energy from each and every one of them tonight. I did mention they are sludge, punk and stoner, but that is the genre they are put in, but they are a band that no matter what you enjoy, they are going to be one of them. These guys really nailed down there set, with some great bass riffs, dominating guitar blasts, and some guitar riffs that held the attention of everyone on the floor. I am so impressed with how far they have come just from their last show. The sad part was that it was over way to fast, more time is needed, especially when they execute their set to perfection. Well done guys, looking forward to the next time.

Next up is NOISEM, who are described as loud, fast stuff. Well that pretty much sums it up, they had the crowd’s attention, but not so much me. First off, the one speaker on my side, really needed some work, because it made their set sound horrid. Let me just say here, this is ‘my’ opinion, they were just too fast, and didn’t seem to have their guitar, drums and vocals all aliened. It did truly sound like Noise. Sorry guys, for me, I like to have a beat, something I can headbang to, raise my horns in the air and pound to a beat. Don’t get me wrong, they performed their set to the way they wanted, and everyone around me was enjoying, so that’s what matters.

Next up is CANNIBAS CORPSE, okay, I am going to be honest, I was NOT looking forward to reviewing CC, because I haven’t liked them before. Not everyone likes every band. BUT .. they changed my mind this time around, a great example of Death Metal. You can guess from the name they are a marijuana based death metal band. They played many songs, from different albums, including their new one “Left Hand Pass” and played to the enjoyment of everyone on the floor and upstairs. I was really surprised and happy to be enjoying this band myself. You don’t want to miss these guys on tour, anywhere. Check them out.

Headliner and with good reason, is SOULFLY. I don’t think I need to say who, or where, or what genre they are, everyone knows this. In case you are not aware, on this tour, Soulfly is performing side project Nailbomb's 1994 album Point Blank in its entirety. Soulfly with its well-known name have left their mark around the world, and I am pretty sure that they have hit every nook and cranny there is. They came out to a roar and cheers from the Tribe fans. Tour started October 6th in San Diego, California and will end November 8th. So, a month of nonstop touring, hitting big venues, little ones, and I will bet no matter where, the crowd will be just as enthusiastic as ever for them. This was definitely different, and looking around the crowd, they had their horns in the air, singing, and a bit of mosh pit was happening. Nice energy too from the band, and the crowd, so probably fed off each other. I will tell you it was a flawless performance, but then, it is every time I see them, these masterful musicians know their talent and they give it their all when on stage. I wasn’t familiar with Nailbomb, but will be looking into it more now that I have heard this album in its entirety, completely blown away. Please, don’t hesitate to catch this tour, it is absolutely worth going to, making the drive to wherever they might be that is close to you. I made the trek down and it was more than worth it.

Remaining tour dates:
Oct 14 The Riot Room, Kansas City, MO  
Oct 15 Deluxe at Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN    
Oct 16 The Forge, Joliet, IL    
Oct 17 Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH    
Oct 18 The Token Lounge, Westland, MI    
Oct 19 The Opera House, Toronto, Canada    
Oct 20 Les Founfounes Electriques, Montreal, Canada    
Oct 21 Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA    
Oct 22 Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY    
Oct 23 Voltage Lounge, Philadelphia, PA    
Oct 24 The Broadberry, Richmond, VA   
Oct 25 Phase 2, Lynchburg, VA     LODY
Oct 26 Baltimore Sound Stage, Baltimore, MD    
Oct 27 Hooligans Music Hall, Jacksonville, NC    
Oct 28 The Warehouse, Clarksville, TN    
Oct 29 The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA   
Nov 01 Orpheum Theatre Tampa, Tampa, FL    
Nov 02 Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, FL    
Nov 03 The Ballroom at Warehouse Live, Houston, TX  
Nov 04 Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill, Dallas, TX    
Nov 05 Come And Take It Live, Austin, TX    
Nov 06 The Rock Box, San Antonio, TX    
Nov 07 Tricky Falls, El Paso, TX   
Nov 09 Sunshine Theater, Albuquerque, NM    
Nov 10 Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ