MARCH 2nd 2018

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

I was thrilled to be attending this show just for the fact of the bands, whom many I have seen numerous time, one for the first time, and of course, the excitement for Nailbomb was just over the top. I was not disappointed, this was the show to be at on a Friday night. To be honest here, it really, and I mean really, needed to be at a much better venue. I am sure if this tour was to come to town next week, it wouldn't be here, for various reasons.

So up first is local band Hellchamber, haven't seen them in a while, but they got the crowd started for this show. Lots of headbanging, and winding everyone up for what lay ahead. Good performance from each of the band members.

First band from the tour is up next, do you enjoy Progressive Death Metal, then UNCURED is the band for you. They four guys, I first saw in Vancouver back in April at the Venue. I also saw them 3 more times on tour with Carach Angren, and after this tour, are heading out on another North American tour with Cradle of Filth. Easy to say, these guys are not sitting back on their laurels, they are creating and leaving a trail of unforgettable music. Tonight’s show, I was really impressed with, they had improved on their sound even more from Carach Angren tour. That’s impressive showing their determination to gather and hold fans. They did an excellent set, some solos, great energy on stage too, which is always enjoyable to watch. Don't think because they are openers for this tour, that you can pass them by. That would be a big mistake on your part. The crowd loved these guys.

On stage next is a band that I never want to miss ... LODY KONG. They are always on tour, always giving 150% while on stage, and I can tell you, man they really had their (excuse me) shit together. Every time, and I do mean every time I see them, there is a huge change in these guys, whether it is the energy they give off, the perfection of executing their songs, I don't know, but man oh man, these guys killed it. If you were there, you experienced the same. A young band that has captured so many fans and giving a flawless performance. I enjoyed every minute of their set, only thing is, it didn't last as long as I wanted it to. These 4 are solid and played an excellent set. Listening to Lody was such a great experience for me, being able to compare the previous show to this one, they exceeded all my expectations this time around. When Lody Kong comes to your town, make sure to go check them out, these 4 strong musicians are going places.

I am embarrassed to say the next band, I had not heard of before. Well that is about to change after listening to their set. I checked into them and they have toured with some pretty impressive bands like Motorhead, Melvins, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death and more. They have been around for awhile and they are lead by visionary front man Steve Austin. Not too sure on how to describe them, maybe metal, rock, a little psychedelia, whatever you call it, these guys, wow, they had that crowd just a moving, time for me to step back and just listen. I truly enjoyed their set, great vocals, musically for me, they were different, which added some meat to their sound. You just needed to look around the room, it was packed, and everyone was enjoying, how could you not, it had a bit of everything for everyone. Fantastic job guys. Thank you.

Okay, next, a band I am familiar with, but coming on stage as NAILBOMB, and I will tell you right now, there should be more shows, yes more, of Nailbomb. Back in 1994, they unleased their killer debut “Point Blank”, which everyone who has followed Max, knows. It was especially great for me, because truthfully, and I am sorry, I heard the name Nailbomb, but never checked into. After listening, and watching (when I could), they guys outshine anyone tonight. Yes, all the bands were good, but Soulfly as Nailbomb was killer and over the top. The music was exceptional, really enjoyed the beat, the vocals, damn they were so good. I would be up for more shows as Nailbomb, as I am sure everyone at that venue last night would agree. A little too rambunctious of a crowd for me. I had to move and stand way at the back (no barrier), which I don’t enjoy, couldn’t see the band. Couldn’t even sneak in anyway closer to watch. But I heard, and that is what matters. I didn’t expect such a phenomenal set, the music for me was just so good. They still have tour dates that I will share, but you have to go see them, it is a must, because I really am not doing them the justice they deserve, I can’t put into words how spectacular they were, so you need to see it for yourself.  Just a note, if you are a photographer, go to the shows with barriers. 😉 Otherwise you will end up with some massive bruises, even when Max asks everyone to step back. (Thanks for that Max)

Thanks everyone for such a great show. A great memory for me, meeting up with some special friends/family.

Tour Dates Left:
Mar 10 - Thunder Bay, ON - Crock's
Mar 11 - Timmins, ON - The Working Class
SOLD OUT - Mar 12 - Townehouse, Sudbury, Ontario
Mar 13 - Ottawa, ON – Mavericks
Mar 14 - Montreal, QC - Les Foufounes Electriques
Mar 15 - Trois-Rivieres, QC - Rock Cafe le Stage
Mar 16 - Quebec City, QC - L'Anti Bar & Speectacles
Mar 17 - Toronto, ON - Opera House
Mar 18 - London, ON - London Music Hall
Mar 19 - South Burlington, VT - Higher Ground
Mar 20 - Seabrook, NH - Chop Shop
Mar 21 - Syracuse, NY - Lost Horizon
Mar 23 - Memphis, TN – Growlers
Mar 24 - Oklahoma City, OK - Diamond Ballroom

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