AUGUST 22nd 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Release Date - July 1 2014

Genre: Melodic Death Metal with a touch of folk

Label: Self-financed

Line Up:
Jardén Schlesinger - Guitars and Vocals
Thomas Haxen - Bass
Pelle Buch - Drums
(Richardt Olsen - Live guitars)

Hometown - Nyborg, Denmark

Track Listing:
 1. Lost
 2. Psychopatica
 3. Winds Of Decay
 4. The Ascension
 5. Evil Seeds
 6. God Of The Gallows
 7. Hate Quest
 8. Lucifer
 9. Reanimated
10. The Sludge Soup
11. Sect Of Sleep

In 2009 Sylvatica started out as a folkish black metal projekt by friends Pelle Buch and Rasmus Kaibe, who, while listening to Svartsot, in a intoxicated fog decided they wanted to start a folk metal band. Soon realizing none of them could play flute, and they needed a guitarist, they called Jardén Schlesinger the same night and he was added to the "line-up" after that, and the flute was ditched. A few things changed over time and the lineup now is complete, and by the sounds of it, creates something extraordinaire.

I really enjoy getting a CD to review that adds another band to my listening contentment. What do you expect from this album, 10 brand new tracks and one re-recording of one of their older songs. Let me tell you a little more, the drumming is frenzied, the guitars shred like there is no tomorrow, a real driving force on this album,  the vocals are skilled, those death metal growls along with viking tones, put this together and its like an atomic warhead going off, even with the folk style added in. You’re going to find some great melodies in here as well. It really brings to the table a balance, of savage and melody, some folk and thrash, making for an album that will accommodate everyone’s taste. Extremely well done.

This is Melodic Death Metal from the swamps of Denmark, and it is here to drag you into the murky depths.
But you don’t need to take my word for it, it is out as of July 1st, so go grab a copy and start enjoying.