NOVEMBER 21st 2014

Review By: YouFO

Release date: Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Genre: Christian/Metal/Hardcore
Record Label: Century Media
Hometown: Redlands/Salt Lake City

TOM GREEN: vocals
MATT WEIR: drums

Salt Lake City's Christian Metalcore band are set to release their new album “Finished People on August 19 in North America/August 18 in Europe.
I am not sure what to expect on this one, especially since I am in no way a Christian. But I can be opened minded. This seems to be a call to arms, disciples screaming loud from the depths and rising up to the heavens, commanding the members of the church to waken and spread the love of JC (Jesus Christ). Wanting people to break loose of shackles of short-sightedness, being lazy, arrogant and to embrace God’s children.
“Finished People as a Theme:
(Matthew 25:40)
I found out over the last couple years that my family history and lineage was both more diverse, and much simpler than I had originally thought. This discovery and journey in lineage and legacy played a part in the theme or origin of the lyrics to this record.”

Now, let’s get right down to it, some of it doesn’t sound to bad, as long as I don’t listen to the lyrics, like I said I am not a believer. The one thing I would also change is the steady hammering of the drums, would probably sound so much better if there was some rhythm to it, you might even get past the Christian aspect of it. I can’t put my finger on it, but at times they sound so much like another band. Could be the vocals, either way, I find it missing something, maybe some keyboards to soften the harsh drums. Not sure what I would change. To tell you the truth I have listened to other bands that are along the Christian lines, and I don’t really notice the lyrics.

I am sure they put all their effort and good will into making this album, and I know there will be people out there that really enjoy. Sorry guys, this was just not one for me. It would be boring if we all liked the same thing. This is your dream though, so you live it the way you want, express yourself in your own way.