DECEMBER 17th 2011

Review by Barretticus


It is definitely Slash. I can say that. I am not really familiar with Slash, but I guess I don't really need to be. I know enough to recognize his style and skill, but that's about all I got out of this album. There wasn't that impressed me about his solo stuff and maybe that's just me. I do however love alot of Guns 'n' Roses and have heard more than enough Velvet Revolver, so there were few songs on the album I was looking forward to.

This album I guess is important to Slash, playing for his home town crowd in Stoke, England. It definitely sounds like the crowd is enjoying themselves, but I don't think it comes across as well as it could. The mix isn't the best but it's also not the worst. It's just an average sounding album and there are some unfortunate things that come along with it.

Being a part of the audience for this would have been pretty exciting and awe-inspiring because it's Slash, arguably one of the most recognizable figures in modern rock; the hat, the hair, the guitar, the pose, the cigarette and sunglasses. Listening though, I kind of don't care.

Slash makes a few noticeable mistakes and granted its a live album and depending on what he's doing on stage, that's bound to happen. But at the same time I think it's Slash, and about how long he's been playing these songs. I didn't expect that.

The other is that the mix makes the performances sound mediocre and I am almost certain they aren't.

I almost feel bad for the vocalist, Myles Kennedy, because he has the hardest job. Now, not knowing if Myles is Slash's regular solo vocalist or if not, who was, so I can't really comment on the those songs but, the G'n'R and Velvet Revolver song pose a difficult task I think for Myles. While he does a great job for a live performance, the constant thought running through my mind is he's okay but he is not even close to Axl Rose or Scott Weiland. Myles' missed notes and slight  melody changes didn't help his cause either. Again, though it's a live performance recording so who knows what is going on that might affect his vocal performance.

The other musicians play the songs and it's fine, but it doesn't really excite me in any way. Fans may have a different opinion because they would have a lot more invested emotionally in the music and Slash himself.

As far as the live recording, I loved the Watch This instrumental; pretty cool riffs. The package as a whole is nice, its a 2 CD set with an accompanying DVD which is five song videos and an interview. This is the best part for me because. I love watching live performances, whether it's a video or I'm fortunate enough to be at the show. The color and design is nice and appealing to the eye.

 All in all though, if you are familiar but necessarily a knowledgeable fan of Slash, I would skip this, but if you are the opposite and a lover of Slash, whatever that means to you, it is very worth while. Oh, you get a foldout poster of Slash from the insert.