NOVEMBER 13th 2014

Review by Angel of Sekhmet

Genre: Progressive Metal
Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Jason Puder (Bass & Vocals)
Eli Slamang (Guitar)

Well, this is my first review/serious critique of an album, in general let alone featured in print somewhere; So give me an extra inch or two of rope and I'll try to gain my bearings here instead of falling off the side of the cliff...

First clicking 'play' and having the first of two tracks "Reclaim" start up, I knew I was in for something interesting to say the least. And true to those words, the more I listened, the more interested I became. Honestly, it kinda reminded me of the Metal I listened to when I was still at a young age - barely a teenager - and so I quickly fell in love via something like an "accidental nostalgia bomb".

Next came "Only Darkness"; A slow, almost painfully suspenseful start (it's just before the 1:30 mark before something more than just the bass guitar comes in) promised something else that would keep me interested once the rest came in and got the track really going, and it did. It really, truly did. It reminded me of the old-school sounds of Metal, similar to the kind that influenced my own guitar playing at a younger age.

Fighting off the "nostalgia shock", I listened to this thing practically on loop for a while trying to take in the actual music and get a real "feel" for it as a whole. Trying to find something "wrong" with it. But I couldn't find much at all to say that was overly critical one way or the other. I simply enjoyed this little two-track album and would definitely recommend it to those who like progressive styles of Metal, or anything reminiscent of Metalcore or the old, Heavy, pure-and-simple.