OCTOBER 16th 2014

Review by Metal Mom

Release Date: August 19th 2014
Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

 1. Born Unspoiled
 2. Holy Lies
 3. Gathering Dust
 4. Everywhere (There Are Prophets)
 5. Nothing But Death In The End
 6. I Am Not At War
 7. Virulent Narcissism
 8. Careless
 9. Building The Monuments
10. Birth Of Ignorance (Brutal Truth)

Genre: Metal

Nicholas Maschøln - Drums
Søren Jensen - Guitars and bass
Daniel Wilkens - Vocals

Hometown: Frederikssund

If you are a fan of "At The Gates", "Bolt Thrower", "Dark Tranquility, "Soulfly", and others along this line, then you are bound to enjoy Six String Slaughter's "Born Unspoiled".

The band formed back in 2007 by Søren Jensen and Nicholas Maschøln, both former and founding members of Copenhagen death metal act Corpus Mortale. After several years, the two former band mates decided to collaborate on something new to see if the original energy was still there - it was.

They have 20 years of experience in the metal territory, resulting in a fine-tuned appetizer of old school mania. You will not hear any poly-rhythmic mathcore riffs or whimpy vocals. What you will hear is some catchy riffs, powerful drums and in-your-face vocals with a no crap approach to song writing. Savagely mixed death and grind styles with devastating brutality. They are a merciless band of metal.

NEED TO KNOW WHAT MATHCORE IS - here you go, I had to look it up: Mathcore is a highly technical, very progressive form of metal, metalcore, or plain experimental rock. Think eccentric time signatures, angular melodies, dissonant chords, atypical rhythms, peculiar chord progressions, and just about anything else that would only make sense to a band geek. Example bands: Black Flag, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Converge.

"Born Unspoiled" was recorded/mixed at Six String Studios in Denmark (Illnath, Scarred by Beauty, Impalers, Ironfire, Vira) and mastered by Hertz Studio, Poland (Behemoth, Hate, Vader). You will also find Anders Lundemark of Konkhra on "Careless", and then you will also find a killer cover of Brutal Truth's legendary track "Birth Of Ignorance".