MAY 21st 2012

Review by:
Metal Mom

Release date - May 22

Record Label - Metal Blade

After 19 years SIX FEET UNDER is out for blood. And believe me, they are going to be leaving a long trail behind on this one. I am thinking this is the most intuitive music to date in their career, it’s validation to their passion and dedication . And I really believe that UNDEAD is their most visceral music to date.

These are the members that are aggressive and in your face -

• Chris Barnes: Vocals
• Rob Arnold: Guitar
• Steve Swanson: Guitar
• Jeff Hughell: Bass
• Kevin Talley: Drums

Here are the powerful 12 tracks on UNDEAD

1. Frozen At the Moment of Death
2. Formaldehyde
3. 18 Days
4. Molest Dead
5. Blood On My Hands
6. Missing Victims
7. Reckless
8. Near Death Experience
9. Delayed Combustion Device
10. The Scar
11. Vampire Apocalypse
12. The Depths of Depravity

Production was done by - Mark Lewis (Deicide/Devildriver/Trivium + more)

Mixing was done by - Jason Suecof (Whitechapel/Job for a Cowboy)

CD mixed at the Audiohammer Studio

Now lets get down to reviewing this shall we. Where to start. First I think with the overhauled lineup, it’s a rebirth of sorts that gave them the power to revitalize. Lets just say that for me, this is what I find to be the best of doing my cd reviews. When I get one that is so enjoyable, and worth my time in doing. I ignored everything else to listen and do this.

First what caught my attention were the vocals, so powerful and very recognizable while at the same time being aggressive and in your face, you can hear the brutality in Chris’s voice. And it makes you shudder and look over your shoulders. You are going to find skillfully created riffs, drum blasts that play hard, fast and loud, its abrasive, but the kind you want, its blasting full force at you, and there is no doubt about the brutality you are listening to. Lyrically, its still about murder, death, life , supernatural, what we still expect from such a force, but this time around its also about what happens in our daily lives, aggression, loneliness, sadness, and lets not forget a touch of the dark horror to complete this phenomenal masterpiece. This album is strong, forceful, filled with intensity, and one I suggest you purchase. Its without a doubt one we should all have.

Don’t miss out on their upcoming tour “18 nights of Blood Tour 2012” which starts June 8 in Atlanta, GA and finished off June 29 in Tampa, FL .