MARCH 7th 2013
Report by Ruben Mosqueda
Photos by Jon T. Cruz

I first spoke with Liv Jagrell as she and Sister Sin in 2008 as were traveling cross country opening for Michael Schenker. It was the Gothenburg, Sweden act’s first trip to North America; they were receiving rave reviews for their debut [full length] album ‘Switchblade Serenades’ [released in 2008]. In the spring of 2011 Sister Sin secured the opening slot on Revolver’s ‘Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock’ tour which included In This Moment, Straight Line Stitch and System Divide; Sister Sin were in support of their sophomore album 2010’s ‘True Sound of the Underground.’ At that point Sister Sin had dismissed their bassist they brought Strandh on board and they were eager to break him in. “I think with Strandh in the band we finally feel like a family and not like we have an outsider in the band—so that is great for us,” says Jagrell. She shared her thoughts on the last tour,” I think that tour was great for us. I have very good memories from that tour. After that we did some touring with Otep—we went over very well with those audiences. I think we go over well with female fronted bands as well.”

On February 20th Sister Sin made a stop in Portland, Oregon this time opening for the ‘Queen of Metal’ Doro Pesch. “I look forward to you seeing the show tonight because I really think that this is the best package that we’ve been a part of in the United States. What I mean by that is that, we are a better fit with Doro’s audience and we’ll pick up some new fans,” proclaims Jagrell. After two previous tours of North America Sister Sin have picked up a number of fans; this represented by a large number of Sister Sin t-shirts in the audience prior to the doors swinging open. Late last year Jagrell had vocal surgery which postponed touring plans for America. “I had vocal issues a few years ago. I didn’t have surgery at that time. I was on medications for a year—I didn’t sing for year.

I could only talk on certain days. It was frustrating. Last year I started to notice that my vocal was going down with each performance,” sighs Jargell. With a number of shows booked and tour following including North America she consulted with her doctor and her vocal coaches. “I decided to have vocal surgery. I had like five people helping me through this. I was told that if I had surgery now I’d only have a two month recovery but if I waited and it got worse then I’d have at least six months of recovery.” This explains Sister Sin’s tour cancellation November and December of 2012. “It really was a smart decision. When I look back at it now I think my voice is much better and I’ve been able to do this tour with Doro as a result,” reports Jargell.

In the fall of 2012 Sister Sin issued their 3rd full-length studio effort ‘Now and Forever’  once again the reviews are very positive and with tracks like; “Fight Song,” “End of the Line,” and “Hearts of Cold” Sister Sin have recorded another memorable effort.  Sister Sin brought in Cameron Webb to mix ‘Now and Forever’ he gave it huge bottom end. Sister Sin retained their trademark grittiness and added more of a melodic edge on the new album. “We added more melody on the new album but we also had a goal of adding more diversity on ‘Now and Forever’ I think we achieved that. We went outside of our safety zone,” says Jargell. Sister Sin was allotted 40 minutes on the Doro tour and in Portland—no question they gave Doro Pesch run for her money.  Sister Sin’s  set list included all the hits which included; “Fight Song,” “Hearts of Cold,” “One Out of Ten,” “On Parole,” and “Sound of the Underground.” It was high octane, charismatic performance as usual. Up next for Sister Sin is the European festival circuit and maybe just maybe another North American run in the fall of 2013.