APRIL 1st, 2014

Review By: Anka

The Germans from Sinbreed are the answer to my prayers for a contemporary worthy continuation of classic German power metal. Growing up in the 80s, this genre along with speed metal and thrash have been genres that captivated me most, and nowadays my preference is still as strong. As much as some extreme metal fans could see this genre as too ‘colorful’ and joyful, I beg to differ. Real German power metal has guts and aggression, and it’s far from being all about rainbows and unicorns.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that …

Sinbreed prove my point, and they do it brilliantly even in this present day. Through fast, sharp riffs and galloping drumming, they craft a special blend of speed metal and power that oozes like thick blood from the speakers. It’s intense and fast enough to satisfy your need for speed but is also a great entertaining piece in any circumstance.

“Shadows” is Sinbreed’s sophomore release through AFM Records. The band’s lineup includes guitarist Marcus Siepen and drummer Frederik Ehmke (from Blind Guardian), vocalist Herbie Langhans (ex-Seventh Avenue),  Flo Laurin on guitars and keyboards, and Alex Schulz on bass.

There are no keyboards (if not reduced to the most minuscule role), no cheesy warrior themes, or never-ending choirs. Like I previously mentioned, no rainbows here, it’s all pretty aggressive and rather introspective, but without compromising the fast pace. With well adjusted intensity and powerful melodic lines, there’s no boredom factor to fear. I think the guys have played it a bit safe at times, in between some insane hooks and harmonies, but it definitely sounds tight and inclusive overall. On one hand, you have the crushing elements, on the other hand, the songwriting is engaging while the riffing and drumming impress with speed without employing mind-bending formulas.

My favorite track is probably the fist-pumping trigger “Black Death” which includes some rougher, thrashy riffs, “Far Too Long” with its beautiful melodic lines and crunchy riffs and the first track “Bleed” which makes a great opener (read: like a punch in the face).

Indeed, from the opening tornado of drum beats to the last epic note, this album feels like a classic lost in the modern times. This one should be appreciated for its grit and force, and it will surely make a few other power metal releases pale in comparison this year.  If you’re a power metal fan, you can’t miss it.