JULY 6th 2012

Review by: Metal Mom

There are some of you out there that are not familiar with SIN DEADLY SIN, so lets give you a quick background on the band. This Italian band rose from the ashes of Evenfall in 2009. Vocalist Roberta and keyboardist Max decided to form Sin Deadly Sin with the aim of raising their gothic and electronic wealth experience, mixing it up, bringing new influences to create their own distinct sound. In 2010 Alessio, Zeljko and Mattia joined and brought more influences and experience to complete the band.

For approximately 48 minutes you have the luxury of listening to these exceptional melodic type songs:

1. Take My Pain
2. Your Heaven
3. Don’t Sleep Anymore
4. Nothing
5. Moon Darkened Silence
6. Left Alone
7. Ophelias dream
8. White December
9. Q.O.T.D.
10. My Prayer
11. From Your Lips

These are the 5 members that give SIN DEADLY SIN their unique sound:

Roberta Staccuneddu (vocals)
Max Boi (keyboards)
Mattia Mariotti (guitar/arranger)
Alessio Bergamo (bass)
Zeljko Marinkovic (drums)

So lets get started on the review. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I am always nervous reviewing a band I have never heard before. I really hate to give anyone a bad review, I mean they wouldn’t put out something that was terrible, right. And that’s exactly what I found here. It was truly a cd I enjoyed, it wasn’t the heavy metal, raise your fist style, but one with more melody, a lot more expressive and so much passion to it. Roberta’s vocals are just so soothing, and such a pleasure to listen to. Her voice fit in perfectly to each and every song on this track, this CD was not rushed out to the fans, a lot of thought and time seemed to be put into making it the flawless piece you hear. The keyboardist Max exhumes a talent in bringing this crowning musical talent to such heights, having it flow so smoothly. Lets not forget the guitar riffs, exemplary when you listen to the ones played by Mattia. Alessio plays his bass with skill, its not one that just bangs out those thundering chords, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those too. But for this album, this is all perfectly executed. And drummer Zeljko, you can hear the influence he has put into the album as well, its impeccable. Did I enjoy this cd, I really did, I had to change my mindset from heavy, thrash and brutal to melodic and experience it the way it should be. If you are open to change, this is definitely a CD that you need to have, FALL FROM HEAVEN, is a well put together accomplished piece. Its truly a defined but varied musical style and the result of different peculiarities of its members. I for one thoroughly enjoyed it, and highly recommend.