DECEMBER 31st 2014

Review by YouFO

Record Label: Century Media
Release Date: Sept. 30
Genre: Hardcore
Hometown: New York

Track Listing:
01. Sound the Alarm
02. 2061
03. Road Less Traveled
04. Get Bronx
05. Part of History
06. Losing War
07. Never Back Down
08. Facing the Abyss
09. Act Your Rage
10. Disconnect Your Flesh
11. Beltway Getaway
12. Sidelined
13. Outgunned
14. DNC

Sick of It All is an American hardcore punk band who formed back in 1986 in Queens, New York. The band's current lineup consists of brothers Lou Koller on vocals and Pete Koller on lead guitar, Craig Setari on bass, and Armand Majidi on drums.

Sick of It All has been a major contributor to the New York hardcore scene for many years, and they have just released “Last Act of Defiance” after 4 years. After listening to all 14 songs numerous times, these living legends do not disappoint. In fact, I would like to say that maybe some of the newer hardcore/punk bands out there take notice. This is how it’s done. If you are a fan of this style, then you will definitely want this in your collection. Where it’s the music, the lyrics, vocals, guitar riffs, drum blast, or the bass, this album, is going to rip your face off. Make no mistake.

Calling all hardcore/punks out there, come get your fill. Pick up Last Act of Defiance by Sick of It All.