DECEMBER 22nd 2013
Review by Olivier

Release date: OUT NOW
Releasedindependently (

Genre: Power metal

Band Members -
Tony V (vocals, guitar)
John Tennant (guitar)
Steve Monette (bass)
Chad Wallis (drums)

Track Listing -
1. Fighting Chance
2. Full Speed Ahead
3. Slashing To Live
4. Flaming Towards Earth
5. Driven To Kill
6. I'm Dangerous
7. Paths Of Glory
8. Splitting The Atom

Produced by MIke Bond and Shock

For a lot of us that have grown up in the 80s metal golden era, you often long for the metal bands from that period to return or recapture their magic from that era. Alas, a lot of metal bands from the 80s are never able to get back to that point. Shock is the antithesis to that. Many of you may not have heard of Shock, a power metal outfit that ruled Canada's nation capital from the mid to late 1980s until disbanding due to frustration in landing a proper record contract. Shock was known as one of the best metal bands never to release an album until May 2013 when the band reformed after a 21 year hiatus and re-recorded, improved and this time released some of their 80s era power metal songs. Quite simply, Shock have delivered with 'Once Denied' a CD filled with power metal tunes that rival any debut album in that genre.

There is no denying that Shock's influences include early Metallica, Megadeth, Helloween and Judas Priest. Songs such as "Paths Of Glory" and "Full Speed Ahead" capture the 80s era power / thrash metal sound to a T yet sound fresh and current at the same time. It is hard to believe when listening to 'Once Denied' that the band members sat on these songs for over 20 years and that these songs may well not have ever seen the light of the day. What gives Shock a distinctive sound is lead vocalist Tony V's singing which fits perfectly for this genre of music and is a hybrid of the vocal styles of Metallica's James Hetfield and Overkill's Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth. Add to that a thundering rhythm section and some amazing guitar solos and you have one of the best metal CDs of 2013.

The one semi-disappointing feature of this CD is its length -- there are only eight songs! Back in their 80s glory days, Shock had over 20 original songs that they played and/or demoed. The good news is that Shock is currently recording and reworking more of their 80s era songs for hopefully a 2014 album release. Until then, pick up Shock's 'Once  Denied', you will not regret it.