MAY 15th 2017

Review by: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

First up tonight is local band FINITE, a Black Metal band consisting of Noose (lead guitar/vocals), Lord Kharon (guitar), and Cavernous (drums). I have never seen before, or even heard the name. They are all about the finality of life and the glory of death, whose influences are Shining, Mayhem, and more. Definitely should have added Watain to their list, because that is exactly who they reminded me of, the look, their sound, mirrored Watain. Which is fine, but I like to see a band be original, unless they are doing a cover band.  They played a fine set, and the crowd was enthused.

The next band I have never seen live, but have heard of them. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised, and they stole the show. WOLVHAMMER, who stem from Olympia and Minneapolis, distance doesn’t mean anything to these guys, because they had their sound nailed down to perfection, it is more of a black metal/death rock sound to it. Personally, think there is more rock than the black and death, because they had that beat that you just wanted to band your head to. Obviously too that this is who everyone came to see, the floor was packed. They executed a terrific set, and before I knew it, it was over, damn. I guess it means that when they come to town next time, I will be there. Great show guys.

Now it is time for Sweden’s own, SHINING. This band often gets called Black metal, but Traditional black metal bands tend to favor raspy, high-pitched vocals which include techniques such as shrieking, screaming, and snarling, definitely not Shining. They have incorporated their own style, and really do you care what genre, either you like it or you don’t. This Swedish band formed back in 1996 and have made a name for themselves, sure, sometimes, not such a good name, but it is what they enjoy doing. It does have a depressive undertone, and maybe some suicidal lyrics, but how many of you really listen to the lyrics, to me it is all about the music, and they cranked out the best of Shining tonight. What surprised me though, is there was NOT much interaction from the crowd, and the floor was only half full. Was it because they had recently been to Vancouver with Belphegor?  Who knows. It is a shame, as this show was completely different, not as many crazy ass antics as the last one from Niklas either, so I was pleased with this set compared to the last. Either way, they put on a great show, I didn’t hear any flaws, and to tell you the truth, the band could probably care less if I liked it or not, they would probably prefer NOT. I did enjoy, but for all of you out there not sure if you want to catch this tour, at least since the band once, then make up your mind.