JUNE 14th 2012

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

WEAPON started the night off, In case you are not familiar with this band, they’re out of Edmonton, Alberta (not to be confused with the Weapon out of St. Johns, Nfld) and they’re black death metal with satanism thrown in. I will say that the opening band had a good sound, the vocals, the growls of evil. The bass and guitar worked hard, but the drums seemed to be the ones that pulled it all together, if I couldn’t pick a beat from the guitars, the drums were the ones to follow along with. The crowd started to gather by the end of their set. I can see promising things ahead for them.

Next is WITHERED, the 2nd band of the night, didn’t know this name . I know, I know, but come on, there are just so many metal bands out there, you cant get around to listening to all of them. For those of you who don’t know them, they are out of Atlanta, Georgia and what they have been labelled as is black/death doom metal. What was interesting about Withered is they have 2 vocalists, both guitarist, and they face each other, which I didn’t particularly like, I prefer to see the singers facing their fans. But its just their way. Guitar work was phenomenal with these guys, so fast that the hand was just a blur. I did like the one set of vocals, the deeper sounding one, didn’t like the screaming, but in all fairness, it may not have been the vocals, this was the loudest show I have ever attended, so it could have just been that, because I have listened and enjoyed many a scream.

The soundscape to Hell, unrelenting and intense, pure black metal, the best way to describe 1349 (Norway). I last saw them in Seattle 2010. I was impressed then, and even more blown away by these guys now. I understand why they are succeeding. They had an amazing set, not nearly long enough because before I knew it - it was over. To me, they had it all , the drums, played by Jon Rice (Seattle) who filled in for Frost, blasted those beauties extremely well, the guitar played by Archaon had riffs that were fast and furious, bass executed by Seidemann was pulsing in your chest, and the vocals of Ravn, well they come from the depths of hell. It was a real pleasure to stand and thoroughly enjoy such a beast of a band. The crowd you could tell appreciated 1349 as well, with lots of moshing, people snapping photos, head banging or horns high, whatever it took, 1349 had the crowd motivated. I hope that they return soon, and I will be right there again to enjoy.


Now we come to the headliner of the evening - MARDUK (Sweden). I have to agree with the statement…most brutal and blasphemous metal act….this is what black metal is all about, with some old school feel about it. You want an image to depict hell, well this is it, even though Marduk had some tech difficulties and wasn’t too pleased (he left the fellow know), they put on an exemplary set. The guitar riffs are foreboding and have a fear-inducing sound. The bass was pure evil playing right along side the guitar. The drums are executed with frenzy, but executed with precision. Drum blasts are frantically fast and make no mistake pure black metal beats. And now the vocals which are executed by “Mortuus” , they are what you expect from black metal, extreme, angry , harsh, take you to hell vocals. Perfect. This is what everyone had the chance to witness here in Vancouver, Marduk had arrived for the very first time and we had the chance to be there. Truthfully, I didn’t pay attention to see if the crowd was enjoying, because that’s exactly what I was doing. I hope that this wont be the last time and that they return in the near future.


This was one brutal black metal show held in Vancouver, in fact my ears are still ringing.