FEBRUARY 7th, 2014
Review By: Metal Mom

Release date - In stores as of Dec. 6th
Available via digipack CD, digital download and LP with full 12" booklet.

Selim has a whole different approach to his music these days, magical, whatever inspires him, and with the help of many artists, including 4 different drummers, his sister Farida, and others to create something rather unique to the music realm.

There comes a point in a man’s life when he must accept that the model and creeds by which he organized his life had become invalid and abandoned, deciding to venture down some new paths. Time to leave the past and take a step forward to create what was a driving force yearning to be let loose.  

 Not long ago it became clear to Selim that his time had come. He was inspired by his ongoing search for spiritual certainty and vitality, artistic motivation, and truth, realizing the old ways were gone by the wayside, making his decision to regenerate and create something totally out of the ordinary. In other words, it was time to move on with the musicians, loved and hated ones, artists, inspirations and his family in support of his new endeavours.

Enter Earth Air Spirit Water Fire. An offering if you will by Selim and new partner old friend Robby Geerings. All tracks are mystically diverse, with emotions just as varied, with a touch of depression, desire, demurity, decadence, determination and with the emotions of a madman making this a true complete concept.

For Selim I can imagine that this was one of his most adventurous to date, bringing in some intense people for this inspiration. Four drummers, handful of guitar players, synthesizer players, several vocalists, a terrific cover artist, put them all together with laughter, tears , anger and spiritual communication he brought the 5(x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5) dimensions of the pentacle, the pentagram together as he imagined and accepted.

Now let’s not go overboard, this is a very unique 5 tracks, but you can also hear some mistakes, some glitches, but it is a true sense of Selims music, almost as if saying nothing is perfect, and I am not afraid to show it. In fact, I applaud this, it’s a true representation of the true music. Not all glorified and tweaked to perfection. The little imperfections are in your face, so you might not even notice them. But I for one, after reviewing this, was really pleased to have had the chance to review it. It was so totally different from anything I have previously done before. So this was a breath of fresh air.  The lyrics are also written by Selim himself, revealing his own personal ups and downs, day and night if you will. This is really a personal side that he has shown, and demonstrated that he can do exceedingly well.

Track Listing -
1. Chiaroscuro
2. Next Stop, Universe B.
3. The Deep, Dark Waters
4. The Ghost Of Valentine
5. Molasses
The ENEMIES, in no particular order:
Ries Doms: Drums
Micha Haring: Drums
Hans van de Perre: Drums
Hansz Deijnen: Drums
Job van de Zande: Bass
Milko Bogaard: Vocals, Mini Moog and Mellotron
Robby Geerings: FX, Drum-Synth, Guitar
Oeds Beydals: Guitar
Farida Lemouchi: Vocals
Max Rovers: Art
Pieter G. Kloos: (parts of the) Recording, Mix, Master