JULY 26th 2012


SEAL OF SATURN started off in January 2008, and went through numerous member changes, including the band name. They are sworn to conquering and with relentlessness might just do it. They are not a local band by any means. They have worked with many well known artists, so keep your eyes on this band. Metaltitans had the opportunity to do a written interview, check it out ….

Welcome to MetalTitans, Guardians of Metal entertainment, worldwide. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

1) How did you come up with the band name SEAL OF SATURN ?

In the Western occult tradition, each planet can be represented by a seal or diagram. The planet Saturn is the planet of baleful spirits, darkness, power, force and the dispersion of enemies. In the Western Occult Tradition, each planet has traditionally possessed both a spirit and an intelligence: ethereal souls (sometimes called daemons) responsible for the baleful and beneficial influences (respectively) of the individual planet. After all, even humans have souls, and the planets of the Celestial realm are far more spiritual, existing closer to “God” and constructed of a much more rarefied matter. It was therefore logical to occultists that the planets also possessed their own souls. For me, Seal of Saturn is an outlet for those forces that I accumulate on the inside and are often the direct result of my state of being in the physical realm - how I react to the actions put upon me by the opposing forces of life. It’s very symbolic to me and to my bandmates that these forces are ever present, and more likely than not, they represent the emotions exemplified in our art. We take that title into ourselves.

2) How did each member come to join the band ?

Nick Juarez (live bass guitar devastation/vocals) - Nick is my brother. We both wanted to create music after being inspired by Kiss when we were in elementary school. We have both been playing for close to 7 or 8 years I think. We both have that passion for chaos.

Josh Greenburg (guitar/vocals) - Josh is a long time friend of mine who is also a great personal help of mine. He has done so much for me and I appreciate it. Although we have never played together before in any other bands, I decided to ask him if he would like to join on guitar. He has been doing a lot of behind the scenes work with helping me run media for awhile. He’s passionate about the music, so it’s very fitting.

Darren Cesca (studio drums and composition) - Darren isn’t really in the band, but he did the drums for our 5 track debut EP. He’s a phenomenal drummer. He is too underrated if you ask me. It irritates me when greatness isn’t recognized. I asked him one day if he would lend his talent in helping me get on my feet when it was only me trying to run everything as the sole remaining member after the original lineup split and he agreed. He put forth great effort in the drum arrangements, so I feel that had a lot to do with structure and complexity of the EP.

And yourself Mikhail Juarez (guitar/vocals/bass/keyboards) - Me and the original guitarist Alexander Torres, who now has his own technical death metal band in which Nick also does bass in, Clavicus Vile, started playing together maybe 4 years or more ago and just wanted to create great metal. We obviously went our separate ways, but Alex is a good friend of mine.

3) Was extreme blackened death metal always your first choice of music to play ?

In starting out, I don’t think there ever was a direction. I just wanted to create something that was a physical expression of what I felt, so naturally the extreme metal genre would become the outlet for that inner aggression. I’ve always loved metal and rock and I grew up on energetic music of the like, so I just followed the nature of my will accordingly.

4) Do you all live close to each other so that practise is easy to do ?

Me and Nick live with each other in Kankakee, IL, and Josh lives within 10 minutes of us. Practice is never a problem unless of course our work schedules conflict. Darren lives all the way in Connecticut, so there is never practice. We have a live drummer for when we decide to play live which is always great.

5) When did you realize that you wanted to establish a band ?

Hell, watching Kiss and Alice Cooper and Metallica growing up, that was the shit. Nick was four years old and I was five or six. Since then I have traded a tennis racket for six and seven string.

6) Who writes the songs ?

I am the main author of all the material, but of course everyone has input. As I’m writing this I have a guitar next to me, and my amp is still on. I wrote all the lyrics, and most of the music, but the other guys will play something that just completes it and adds depth to music, making it whole.

7) Do the lyrics have any kind of theme ?

Darkness, negativity, occult mysticism - to name a few. I am greatly inspired by anti-cosmic Setianism and many occultic philosophies and they become my passion, and through my art, but not only music, am I able to convey that emotion and when people relate to it, it becomes personal for them. To have lifelong fans of what is created by your heart would be nothing short of magickal. It’s a spiritual connection between people and it brings all sorts of people together. When I write the lyrics I try to contain the essence of my dark emotions in them and whether it’s a form of incantation or simply an allusion to my mindset, its 100% pure in meaning to myself.

8) Are you working on a cd ? Do you have a name for it yet ?

Yes! It’s the 5 song EP titled “Nine Circles”. It’s available only through the band currently, and because of financial purposes, via download only.

9) Have you played any shows in your area ? What has been the reaction ?

Since the rebirth of Seal of Saturn, we have played two live shows. The first we had the pleasure of opening for my brothers in Watain when they played at Mojoes’ in Joliet, IL. last May. That show was full of technical difficulties and we were probably better off if the sound guy didn’t stand remotely near the mixer, let alone working it for us. That show was so hard to prepare for because literally less than four weeks earlier, there was no live lineup. It was just me. It was hard work, but I think the best part was when I got really sick the weekend before the show so my voice was shot and I was really fatigued. A nice shaft for us. We had got a lot of attention from it though, and despite only playing four songs, we had peaked interest in quite a few people who have good connections. The last show was the best I’ve played thus far. We played a DIY Metalfest in some rural area north of where we live. The crowd and bands and friends that were there were nothing short of amazing. There was a couple hundred people and it was one big party. When we played the crowd instantly started moving. I believe my favorite part is that we have played for fans of death metal, black metal, and even deathcore, and they have all come around to show support for us. Its truly amazing to know that we can play to varied crowds and still get the best support and the reaction we love to see. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST AND YOU GUYS FUCKING RULE !!!!

Is there anything that you would like to say, that I may have missed, or you want people to read about SEAL OF SATURN ?

I really would love to thank all of our supporters and fans and friends who believe in our Great Work. Check out our band page on facebook and let us know that you’re here for us! We have shirts available to help us financially and our EP is available for free upon request. Be it you are a deathcore fan, black metal fan, from the north fucking Pole to Africa, your support is greatly appreciated and we are humbled by your presence! KEEP EVERYTHING SICK , DARK AND BRUTAL !!! AVE 218 !!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with Metaltitans, and we wish you much success in your career .