JULY 19th,2011


Review by: Metal Mom

This band is a Swedish progressive melodic death metal band that has been around since 2004. Who this band now consists of is: Per Nilsson (guitar), Roberth Karlsson (vocals, harsh growls, backing clean vocals), Henrik Ohlsson (drums), Lars Palmqvist (vocals, clean, backing harsh growls), Jonas Kjellgren (guitar), and on bass is Kenneth Seil.

This Cd is about exposing the hidden hand of the elite that pull the strings of mankind in order to fulfill their agenda of global domination - says Henrik Ohlsson. Makes for some good lyrical content to their songs.

This CD “The Unseen Empire” is the bands best selling in America with first week of sales at 1500 copies, and boosting it to # 11 on Billboard Heatseekers Chart. And after listening to this Cd numerous times, I can understand why. It’s one of Scar Symmetry’s flawless pieces of work. Its one that you cant just listen to it once, you will find yourself playing it over and over, and not just to any one track, all 9 on this CD are solid. There is not one I would call a filler by any means. Its always great to see and listen to a band, who has thought out their work, planned it so everything compliments itself. There are melodic riffs and solos. There is more speed and variety, some a little more sinister sounding. There is such balance, especially with the vocals of Rob and Lars off setting each other with harsh / clean vocals, exceptionally well done. And lets not forget the phenomenal job that Jonas and Per do on the guitars. While drummer Ohlsson shines with his incredible drum beats. Each and every one of these band members pulls their own weight to make this the best solid creative work of Scar Symmetry.

You are not going to want to pull this one out of your CD player, its catchy , and one that you are going to want to know the words to so you can sing along as you drive somewhere. I am really impressed with this Swedish bands newest release. And will be looking forward to more from them.