APRIL 17th, 2014

Review by: Metal Mom

Genre - modern thrash metal from Italy

Record Label - Bakerteam Records

Since their rise, avant-garde thrashers SAWTHIS distinguished themselves. And they are continuing to do so with "Youniverse" which has been released from Bakerteam Records since September of last year (2013). It been called a theoretical album, focusing on multiple personality disorder. This album is their 3rd from these Italian thrash maniacs.

The album was recorded at Potemkin Studios with producer Paolo Ojetti (Infernal Poetry), and also included a special guest appearance by Rob Cavestany of Death Angel.

Track Listing -
  1. The Logical Color
  2. The Waking Up
  3. The Voice Falls On Me
  4. The Disturbed (featuring Rob Cavestany - Death Angel)
  5. The Crowded Room
  6. The Indeleble
  7. The Impure Soul
  8. The Spotlight
  9. The Mad
10. The Switch
11. The Walking

Youniverse” is a strong release from a band that’s been around since 1997 and is different, one that’s been tossing out a rare mix of Thrash/Industrial/Rock/Death Metal. What you will get here is a unique head banging experience, drumming is phenomenal, an awe inspiring experience. Guitars are what demand your attention, they catapult you right into the mix of it all. It's aggressive, maybe a little punch you in the face attitude. Vocals fit right into this mixture, with bass thundering through your ears. All in all, a great album. I guess some would also call it technical, but damn this is just good solid music, one that holds your attention, and trust me on this, its one of those foot tapping, nodding your head, fingers drumming types of albums. What’s not to enjoy. Everything just seems to fit perfectly on here. For an album to be this put together like this, means alot of time went into the making of it, some thought, not just let’s bang this out. Well done everyone. I am impressed.