JULY 21st,2011

Review by: Metal Mom  

Out of one of the oldest cities in the world (Athens, Greece) comes 5 Hellenes to take on the 21st century. Let me tell you who these epic voyagers are: Vangelis (guitar/vocals), Manos (guitar), Aris (vocals) Antonis (bass) and on drums we have Markos.

Since the year 2006 there were some line up changes, and the band was somewhat inactive. Then in 2010 the band formed with the current line up. And with that goes their very 1st full length CD called “ Remnants “, which they had originally started back in 2008.

“Remnants” is a 34 minute listening experience, with 11 tracks. It seemed fairly short, before I knew it , it was over. It was mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise), who brought the band to the attention of Southern Lord. The release date is set for July 19 and there is only a limited 1,000 machine numbered copies available.

They are called hardcore/punk/metal with concrete. Someone please explain the concrete one to me, because no matter where I looked I could not come up with what that meant in the Metal community. Hardcore is a music genre that is said to be faster, thicker and heavier than the punk. I didn’t find the vocals hardcore, in other words not the screaming so loud I couldn’t understand what they said. They were harsh, but you could still make out the words, and so they went well on this CD. The guitars had a harsh and slower tempo but great heavy riffing. The drums by Markos was fast but not furiously fast , which was much more enjoyable to listen to. The songs themselves have more captivating melodies, with some culturally charged anthems.

Unfortunately there was not much information for this band, what there was I have given to you . I think that you will enjoy this CD, I did, it sounds like they took the time to complete something they were proud to put out. The “Revelation” , I can actually enjoy some Hardcore Metal.