NOVEMBER 18th 2011 

SALTUS, a band from Warsaw, Poland whose beginnings date back to January 1997 as a pagan / black / death metal band, were originally named Dark Forest by guitarist Wojnar.Their lyrical themes consist of Slavic supremacy and hatred for strange influences and religions, like Christianity. In 1997 the name was changed to SALTUS. In early November the band recorded a demo tape “Inexploratus Saltus." This material gathered many different opinions, but the band itself was not happy with it.

In April and November 1999, the band members already came up with cult album "Slavic Pride". The material was well received by music press and listeners.

In April 2001 the band started recording sessions at the DBX studio in Warsaw. The result of the work at MCD was "Symbols of the Ancestors," which was recorded in composition: Bithorn (guitar), Sokaris (guitar), Aldaron (bass), Darek (drums - session work), Sugar (vocals, more session), Greg (guitar - solo session work ), Jacek (more session keys). The material consists of four tracks, including a cover of Slayer "Seasons in the abyss" (recording also appeared in the form of a split). A slightly modified composition was recorded "Promo 2002" in the DBX studio. It contributed to the signing of an agreement to release the disc.

Two songs from the album were featured on "Hail Pagan Europe", issued by the Strong Survive Records. The team then focused on concerts. 

The band re-enters the DBX studio and at the turn of 2003-2004 recorded the disc, “Empire of the Sun'' . Album released by Eastside Records in early 2005, the material shows a different face of SALTUS . After the album release, Sokaris and Greg leave the band. New guitarist is now Mortifer (Hate / Naumachia).

In 2005 they have a full-length album, "Empire of the Sun".

In January 2007, reissue Cd, Symbols of forefathers / Inexploratus (10 tracks) effort was done by Morbid Winter Records.

2009 they release the album "Triumph" containing 10 copyright works kept in the style of melodic Death Metal.

If you are lucky enough to live in Poland, then you can also catch them at the upcoming show on October 7 - Progresja - Warsaw, Mazowiecki, PL


Saltus Inexploratus (demo, 1997)
Slavic Pride (LP, 1999)
Symbols of the Ancestors (MCD, 2001)
Symbols Of Forefathers / In Blacksmith of Hate (LP, 2002)
Promo '02 (EP , 2002)
Empire of the Sun (LP, 2005)
Symbols Of Forefathers / Inexploratus Saltus (compilation, 2006)
Triumph (LP, 2009)

The band is currently working on the successor to "Triumph", also working on a song for the upcoming release of “Tribute to Emperor” which will be called - ‘ In Honour of Icon E ‘.