FEBRUARY 14th 2018

Review By: Metal Mom
Photos by: Char Tupper

Tonight's show is a killer lineup and I have been counting down the days since this tour was first announced, it took its sweet time, but oh it was worth it. Let me tell you why.

Opening the tour is a Swedish band called CYHRA, previously never heard of them until this tour. Wow, this is one amazing talented band, and from the get go, had the crowd going. Live performances are always a way to know if a band is true and talented, as anyone can sound good on a CD. Such enthusiasm on stage, supreme set without flaw, and just so much more. I am totally hooked, Cyhra knows what they are doing, a lot of hard work goes into their stage performance and they give 1000%. Next time, I will be right up there again, the only place to see and hear their creative excellence. You should be too, since they are the openers, get their early, these guys are not to be missed. For me, being the first time, there is nothing better than waiting and wondering, and then they kick in and you know this is a band for you, one not to be missed. By the way these guys also have some impressive background with bands they have played in. They pulled that all together and what you get is some melodic riffs and hooks, soulful powerful vocals, and some drumming that holds your attention. Don't, please miss these guys on this tour.

KREATOR is up next to a blinding, and I mean blinding set of white lights. I couldn't even look up, I saw spots in front of my eyes, and people around me were holding their hands up to shield the light. Reminded me of stadium lighting at night. Told you they were bright. When the lights finally died down, it was the best of thrash crushing Vancouver. I don't like thrash at all, but Kreator pulls it together with some elements and style. They are the only Thrash band I like. They played many songs from their discography to everyone’s enjoyment with horns in the air. Mosh pits were intense and brutal, nothing you wouldn't expect from the kings of thrash. I got out of the way. Just an excellent performance from each member.

It is time for “The Art of War”, Falun, Sweden’s very own SABATON.  You knew a majority of everyone was there for them, they have gathered a real army over the years from previous tours. How can I tell, well everyone was chanting Sabaton Sabaton, and singing along with the snippet of a song before they even hit the stage. One thing I really enjoyed was the huge screen behind them, which either showed the videos, or lyric based songs, although if you were there, they didn't need the lyrics, we all knew them. They even asked if we wanted a song in English or Swedish, and the majority of us yelled Swedish. I may not know what they sang, but there is something extra-ordinary about a song sung in the bands own language. Now energy, these guys had an overabundance of it, and it rubbed off on the crowd. Happy, I don't think I have seen a band (and trust me, I have seen plenty in my job), with smiles on their faces for their whole set. Always fun with Sabaton interacts with their fans, or even carry on with the other fellows on stage. Sabaton has what it takes to catch your interest and hold it all night. They are unbelievable, the songs they picked were impressive, outstanding, superb, can you tell I enjoyed them all. There is no doubt. They encouraged singing, clapping, or fist pumps, and being in the Sabaton Army, you do as you are told, after all wouldn't you go To Hell and Back for them.