JULY 12th,2011

Auburn,WA-07/12/2011-White River Amphitheatre
Review By: Metal Mom
Photos By: Char Tupper

This Festival doesn’t make its way to Western Canada, so we make the trek down to Auburn,WA to witness the “Mayhem”. Not far really, only 3 hours drive (231 miles), and the weather was good. Listened to some good music along the way, made it go that much faster, and before you knew it , we were at the gates of METAL, for the 4th Mayhem Festival to take place.

If you wanted: melodic death metal, heavy metal, hard rock, alternative, nu metal, post grunge, thrash and speed metal, mixed with a little groove and sludge metal, then you came to the right place, it was all here. The doors opened at 1:15pm, with a total of 13 bands (we missed 2) due to doing interviews, and bands started playing by 1:45pm. Still cloudy skies, with a few rays of sun poking through. But do you think all those metal heads cared, not a chance, everyone was there for their favourite band(s). Out of the 13 bands, 12 were from the United States, and one “In Flames“, came all the way from Sweden to “Deliver us” to a new plateau.

First there are 2 stages, one the Revolver Stage, which consisted of In Flames, Suicide Silence, All Shall Perish and Straight Line Stitch. Sadly Straight Line Stitch we missed due to the interviews. I will say that the bands all played well, and the fans enjoyed what they came to see. The band that stole the show for this stage had to be the only European band on the Mayhem Festival .. ‘In Flames‘, the crowds were yelling, singing, horns in the air, crowd surfing non stop. And I can see why, this band from Sweden has an array of songs to choose from, and they push the envelope with each one. It was also their first date on this Mayhem Festival as they had other previous engagements. It was great to witness A New Dawn . As you can probably tell , In Flames was my favourite band, they are more to my liking, my taste. But don’t get me wrong, the other bands, put everything they had into their set, and they put on a great show too for the crowds.

The other stage is the Jagermeister Stage, and the bands that performed here were Trivium, Unearth, Kingdom of Sorrow, Red Fang, and Drown Mary(the other band we missed). I would have to say that for this stage, Trivium and Unearth pulled in the most crowds, but again, each band put on a terrific show, they put all their energy into what they do the best. There were some new bands on here I had not seen, or even heard of, and it was great to see them perform. I can still appreciate their music and how hard they work at it to be successful, even if its not my style. Also when Kingdom of Sorrow played, at the back behind them was Rita Haney, Dimebag Darrell’s fiancé. It was terrific to see her there supporting.

Now the Mainstage, I had a lawn ticket, so I made my way up to the back to sit on the grass. Great place usually to enjoy the sun and listen to the music, because you really cant see the bands, they kind of look like little lego figures down there, they are so small. But the sound still hits you. Last 2 years at Mayhem, the sun was blazing hot and it was great, but looking at the sky, it was going to rain, and no where on the grounds is there any coverage, luckily I brought a hoodie with me, a lot of good that did. But first on stage was Machine Head, first time for me to listen to them play, and they were great, musically and vocally, it is well put together. I enjoyed their set. Even though I could not see them, but there were lots of interesting people to watch that were sitting around me. Next on stage - the one, the only Megadeth, but it starts to rain, just a little. I wasn’t leaving because these guys I had never seen live, or really listened to, this was my one chance. So on went the hoodie. Second song in, something broke, but we didn’t wait long before they started up again, but so did the rain, it came down in torrents. But at this time I could hear lots of cheering, and it seems that Dave played a song, and then a contest winner came up to claim the guitar that Dave had just played with. Awesome. So off I went again to stand in the rain, and believe me, you were drenched in 2 seconds, it was like someone threw a bucket of water at you. But everyone around me was still smiling, that’s what happens with Metal people, they take anything and just keep a positive outlook. But sadly I didn’t enjoy Megadeth, I found too much repetition, and it sounded the same. Now I have to say the same thing, they worked hard up on stage, and did it to perfection, and their fans loved them. And that’s what its all about.

I figured though that everyone was there for Megadeth, not so, Godsmack came on next to a roaring crowd, horns even higher in the air. They have a lot of songs to choose from ,starting with Crying like a Bitch, a great choice according to all the screams and yells that accompanied it. They played a wide variety of songs, from old to new, which kept everyone happy, along with some old classic AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and Metallica instrumentals. They knew how to play to the crowd, and I really believe that they took the Mainstage without a doubt. Last up for the 4th annual Mayhem Festival was Disturbed, and again, these guys played an amazing set, old and new to a crowd that was already pumped. Perfect ending to a great show. Sadly we could not stay to watch the whole set as we had to drive home for a 9am shift. The downpour of rain did not deter anyone on this festival, looking like drowned rats, no one cared, they were there for the music.

I am never disappointed when it comes to true Metal bands, and all their fans. I had my doubts though about attending this show, as a lot of the bands were not my style, and it didn’t seem to be a “Mayhem” type of Festival this year, but I did enjoy it, most of it stemmed from listening to my favourite on this show “In Flames” , amazing what your favourite band can do for you to set your mood for the rest of the show. The only sad thing was that looking around the venue, it didn’t seem to have been as many people as the year before. I am glad to have attended this show because it gave me an opportunity to discover some other things to look into for Metaltitans. So catch you hopefully next year, with horns high.