AUG 7th,2011

Review by: Metal Mom 

RHAPSODY is not a “Anima Perduta“, nor could they be the “Ghost of Forgotten Worlds“. They are an Italian symphonic power metal band that is like a “Tornado” that has been sweeping the world since 1993. Out of the “Aeons of Raging Darkness” comes the “Heroes of the Waterfalls Kingdom”, Fabio (vocals), Lucia (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Tom (rhythm guitar, lead guitar), Alex on keyboards, Patrice on bass and Alex H on the drums.

On Mar.5, 2011 the band announced completion of the mixing for their newest “Tempesta Di Fuoco” From Chaos to Eternity. Its also their final fantasy based album on the chronicles of Algalord, which has been the lyrical content throughout all their albums. On Apr.15, 2011 they confirmed their newest member Tom Hess (guitars) to be added to the band.

I am not going into what they were previously called, it doesn’t matter, it matters what they are called now. But from previous albums you will notice some changes, like a bit more heavier sound. There are also some great classical elements present. You might also notice some more aggressiveness. I am guessing if you are a fan, that you are going to also notice the change taken on by Fabio in his screams, from the depths of “Lo Spirito Della Foresta” the power metal kind, great choice for this album. Drummer Alex H creates some nasty drum beats as well, which could be heard over the “Realms of Sacred Waterfalls”. And lets not forget the blistering guitar riffs along with some intricate solos, which could be the cause for “Thanors Awakening”. “The Splendor of Angels Glory” could be heard in the keyboards by Alex. As you listen to this CD, you can picture the “Northern Skies Enflamed”. This is definitely a CD you will want to pick up, something that you will enjoy “Ad Infinitum”.

Another Day, Another Time, Another Flame that burns divine, another word, another thought, another sin, another hope, another reason to awake and live this life cause once more “I belong to the Stars”.