JULY 2nd 2012

Review by: Metal Mom 

Where do I start in telling you just how talented this Italian band RHAPSODY is, there is no mistaking their skill after almost a full hour of pure magnificent listening. First I want to tell you who it is that made this possible…..

Luca Turilli (guitars/keyboards)
Dominique Leurquin (guitars)
Patrice Guers (bass)
Alex Landenburg (drums)
Alessandro Conti (vocals)

Once again, I was ignorant of who this band was or their sound, and after checking out their history, I am glad I don’t have anything to compare it with, so its fresh metal to me. If you can really call RHAPSODY that, there are so many distinct styles here, from symphonic to classical with some folk, and not something you would figure would fit well together. Wrong. Its really a masterpiece of modern, massive cinematic choral style, an epic approach to some classical operatic, theatrical music. For me it was like sitting in an opera house, taking in all the different sounds, put in a mixture of metal to that, and you have something so out of the ordinary its truly an extravagant expression. I am listening again for the, umpteenth time now. I have never heard such peaceful, but aggressive music before. Its also something that I would never have thought I would enjoy. Wrong again.

There are 9 exquisite tracks on here for your listening pleasure, and please do not skip any of them…each has their own delivery. These are the tracks that I am sure you will enjoy…

1. Quantum
2. Ascending to Infinity
3. Dante’s Inferno
4. Excalibur
5. Tormento E Passione
6. Dark Fate of Atlantis
7. Luna
8. Clash of the Titans
9. Of Michael the Archangel

Composing the new album started back in August 2011 with Luca preparing the basic versions of the songs, just enough to have the drums recorded. Studio production started December of that year with drum recordings, and the mix ended at the end of March 2012. It was produced by Luca Turilli and the studio chosen was Backyard Studios, Kempten, Germany. Sebastian Roeder recorded, edited and mixed the CD. Dominique recorded rhythm guitar and some lead at the Hiroshima Studio (Challonges, France), while Luca recorded lead guitar/keyboards at his private home in Italy. Christoph Stickel (MSM Studios, Germany) was the person who mastered the album.

First off I would like to say, that I thoroughly enjoyed the latin lyrics, it added so much more to the songs, and I think because the singer is so versatile, able to sing in different styles and offers different vocal colours, it gave it that much more appeal. There were some crystalline high tones to some low whispered aggressive vocals to even lyrical/operatic ones. Such diversity. The guitars, the bass had the riffs that pulled it all together to make a dramatic sound. The drums, still had some speed, but the powerful epic classical beats. I really cant do this album the right justice it deserves, its truly an amazing masterpiece, and one I am continually enjoying. So I suggest that any metal fan, no matter what genre you happen to enjoy, pick up ASCENDING TO INFINITY and sit back and enjoy. There is no mistaking the combined talent of RHAPSODY.