MAY 28th 2012
Review by: Richard Steven Hensey

Reveries End are:

Sariina Tani - vocals
Veli-Matti Olkinuora - guitar
Kristian Valjakka - guitar
Jaakko Oksanen - bass
Timo Klinga - drums

Band Bio: The band was born when founding members Veli-Matti Olkinuora (guitar) and Timo Klinga (drums) came up with a couple of potential songs during a fruitful jam session. It was clear that a proper band had to be formed to create and perform this kind of music. The first recruitment was an old friend and bandmate Jaakko Oksanen (bass) who instantly recognised what the band was about. Originally a male vocalist was considered, but the best candidate turned out to be Sariina Tani, who impressed the others with her charisma and beautiful voice.

Female vocals. Sweet, high-pitched, Growl or operatic vocals, do they belong in metal, a genre widely dominated by males? Ladies tend to get dismissed not because they’re bad at singing, but because their attitude doesn't fit such a hard-hitting genre. However, sweet, seducing vocals that contrasts especially gothic, dark or symphonically oriented melodic metal tend to be pretty damn great if done right.

Reveries End is a melancholic metal band founded in the spring of 2011 in Tampere, Finland. Reveries End take their brand of symphonic metal with hints of goth and folk influence, and an even stronger desire for theatrics. "Black Reflections" might not open the album in the most adventurous of ways, but the catchy "Tomorrow’s Fool" is soon the first hit. The rest of the EP album is pieced together surprisingly well for the variety on offer; no two songs are the same like chapters in a book, as symphonic metal meets a selection of other styles mention above. With only 4 songs i wanted to hear more as this band sounds liberated, and Beneath the Silent Shades was the trial run and I’m waiting for the real thing. Fans of Nighwish might want to check them out.