DECEMBER 16th 2013
Review by Metal Mom

Release dates:
EUROPE:   November 29th 2013
NORTH AMERICA: November 19th 2013

Hometown Champaign, Illinois

Genre: Melodic Rock

Band Members -
Neal Doughty – keyboards/organ/piano/synthesizer
Kevin Cronin – lead vocals/rhythm guitar/piano/keyboards
Bruce Hall – bass guitar/vocals
Dave Amato – lead guitar/vocals
Bryan Hitt – drums/percussion
What can you expect on this newest release, let me tell you, on the CD you’ll get Don't Let Him Go, Keep on Loving You, In Your Letter, Take It on the Run, Keep Pushin', Golden Country, Can't Fight This Feeling, Like You Do, Time for Me to Fly, Back on the Road Again, Roll with the Changes, Ridin' the Storm Out, 157 Riverside Avenue. Classics.  
On the DVD / Blu Ray: Exactly the same songs but with a bonus, an interview with Kevin Cronin.

A little history first for those of you not aware of this band. REO SPEEDWAGON formed loosely back in 1967 at a college in Champaign, Ill. REO was actually named after a famous fire engine, but it didn’t take long before people realized they were more than a frat party band. They signed in 1971 and since 1972 has been fronted by Kevin Cronin. You can expect that there have been many changes over the years, but they are still here, doing what they do best. They went to tiny gigs to even smaller gigs while driving their station wagons which was to ride them to the top of the charts, with a 22 million sold albums in the USA, and 40 million around the globe. They have done their time, on stage after stage, studio work year after year supplying us with dozens of albums, too many concerts to count, and radio listening pleasure. Pretty much every year they perform, keeping the crowds happy with the likes of “Keep on Loving You” and “Can’t Fight This Feeling”.  Ones that I know very well. It seems that the band has had a lot of success doing it all on their own. What needs to be done, they do it themselves. In fact in 2009 saw them hit the road with Styx and 38 Special, talk about a night a rock n roll, which ended being nominated for the Most Creative Tour Package by Pollstar, its was one of the highest making money tours and most successful shows of that year.  That again is very impressive.

REO SPEEDWAGON also has a humanitarian side, when you talk about benefit concerts you automatically think of George Harrison and U2, but REO has quietly done their share, from appearing at Live Aid in 1985, to a benefit for port authority workers after 9/11, and recent MusiCares shows, and in 2008 raised more than half a million dollars at “Ridin’ The Storm Out” benefit for Iowa flood relief. November this year saw them again doing a benefit concert with Styx titled "Rock to the Rescue" to raise money for the affected families of the tornado in central Illinois.

REO’s  younger fans might not realize the sheer impact Hi Infidelity (9th studio album)  had on music and the culture of rock ‘n’ roll.  9 million in sales was fuelled by huge hit singles like “Keep On Loving You” and “Take It On the Run.” The album spent months in the #1 slot, a feat simply unreachable in today’s music.

For myself, this was such a great opportunity to sit back and enjoy these classics that I was raised on. Boy this sure brought back a lot of great memories. So I was thrilled to do this review.  The only problem with doing such a CD, is that you forget, and just enjoy the music, let it take you back to the day. I am not really a fan of “live” either, but this one, definitely a plus to the live aspect. It was recorded in 2010 at the mid summer festival in Walker, MN and it illustrates the bands greatest. When I had my copy of these classics it was on a turntable or, don’t laugh a cassette. But these guys have left an impression and they are still continuing too. It says a lot about the band, 40+ years (celebrated their 40th in 2007) and they are still giving us their all. Boy this was such a kick ass album to listen to, and get reacquainted with the songs I grew up with.

Everything on this CD was a true pleasure to listen to, I still felt like I was back in the day listening, vocals, drums, guitars and bass, all transcendent, in other words have gone beyond limits.

REO is doing just what they have always done, taking care of their traditional sound and focusing on the future. There are literally generations of fans listening to their music, all appreciating what they bring to their sound. You have to give them credit for being able to successfully do this for so many years, and do it so well.