NOVEMBER 6th 2018

Review by Metallic Barbie
Photos by Peter Ruttan

They say anyone can play an instrument, or sing, or do anything at a professional level, if they put in the time and effort. Seeing people like Zakk Wylde or Neil Peart, I would beg to differ.  Similarly, when you experience someone like Jordan Cook (aka Reignwolf), there’s no denying some people just have a natural born talent.

You may not necessarily know Reignwolf, which is composed of Cook on guitar and lead vocals, Stacey James Kardash on bass, and Joseph Braley on drums, but If you’ve seen the TV series Roadies or The Leftovers, you would have heard their music floating in the background. Absent that you surely would have heard their groovy-blues-rock riffs over the radio waves. Or you’ve been super satisfied living under your slimy rock.

A Saskatchewan native, Cook boasts a raspy voice eons beyond his years (think a cross-pollination of Rod Steward and Alice In Chains frontman William DuVall) and a musical intrigue that somehow straddles rock, blues, grunge and pop.  The chemistry between him and his equally maniacal bandmates live is palpable.

Last night Reignwolf played their 4th show of their North American tour and the kinks have been more than worked out: though a relatively modest audience presented, the trio made it seem as though the whole room were a part of the production.  Cook tore through tracks like “Hardcore”, “In The Dark”, “Electric Love”, newer track “Wanna Don’t Wanna”, and “Palms To The Sky”. As they unceremoniously moved the entire set into the crowd, drum kit included, Cook belted out (and somehow manhandled both the mic and the chords) a soulful, purely ethereal rendition of “Are You Satisfied”. Though he was the main focal point, there was no lack of energy or enthusiasm from Kardash or Braley who kept right up with Cook, strum for strum, beat for beat.

Coming into the venue not knowing what I was going to get, I was blown away by the absolute possession of these three men in the throws of their musical passions: Braley smashing his skins, Kardash jumping and bending with his bass, and Cook simultaneously crooning into his mic while channelling his inner Jims (as in Hendrix and Page) straight off his strings. The performance was incredible and both the band and the audience appeared to have just climbed out of the trenches of euphoria as the last notes faded from the set.

Without a doubt I would say that Reignwolf is one of the most recently underrated live performances in the business and anyone passing up the opportunity to widen their ear holes is a complete waste of oxygen. GET OUT AND SEE THIS BAND!!!