JULY 8th 2013

REIGN OF LIES, A band from Los Angeles, California who recently came to Vancouver,BC on the Melechesh tour this past June. This band had quite the charisma and was very social, mingling with fans, enjoying a beer here and there, not once did they not have 5 minutes to sit and chat with a fan. These bands are a dying breed, and when you get a chance to meet them, it is always a pleasure. Recently releasing their record, "A New Empire", and finishing a successful US Tour, we sat down with Gianni Rosati (vocals/guitars) and discussed the future plans for the band, some history, and so much more. Check out the interview below:

Welcome to MetalTitans. Guardians of Metal entertainment, worldwide. We are here with Gianni Rosati of Reign of Lies. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us.

When did you form the band “Reign of Lies” ?

Gianni: The original idea for the band was conceived while I was living in London in 2010, before the disbanding of my 10 year long band: Minkus in 2011. Having moved from Switzerland to the UK, I wanted to create something that would reflect my own thoughts and character in a way that Minkus didn't. The band was officially created in January 2012 after I moved to LA.

How did you come up with the name ?

I came up with the name Reign of Lies because ours songs are about the Lies we are living in, in our everyday life. Everyone is lying to each other including their own person, they all want to be somebody else. We are all complaining about our own lives, instead of changing them. As we all know, the media, corporations and governments manipulate people to make them feel secured in their shitty lives of lies, even though their lives are actually frustrating. People are too scared to believe in themselves and to take risks.

Now Gianni, you are from Switzerland, but I noticed that when I talked to you here in Vancouver, you have a french accent ? I didn’t realize that Switzerland had some french, tell me how you come to have the french accent ?

Really? How can you tell ? :) Actually I come from a town called Lausanne in the south west of Switzerland where our main language is french . So in Switzerland we speak German, French and Italian.

You now live in Los Angeles, why did you make that choice to move there ?

That was the best choice for me to start to be an international musician and meeting people in the music industry. And touring worldwide.

How did the other members come to be in the band ?

Mash Maximus - Guitar Craigslist personal ads, man seeking man no strings attached! The other story is that I met Gianni in Los Angeles. We moved to LA around the same time for pretty much the same reason and coincidentally ran into each other, becoming good friends. One day I was at the Rainbow, having a casual drunken conversation with the famed Ron Jeremy while he was fondling some lady's boobs and I got a call from Gianni, the rest is history.
Greg Kate - Bass went to school at musician's institute and wanted to perform one of my original songs so I randomly asked Gianni whom I met in the library and asked if he was willing to perform at a school performance and the rest is rock and roll history.

Yoyo Bianchi - Drums I was at an STD clinic and Gianni was there too (laughs) No seriously, I was on vacation in Chile and Gianni found my contact somewhere and got in touch with me. Once I got back, I had five days to learn the songs; fortunately I destroyed it at the audition and got along well with the boys and that was it.

When did you decide that you wanted to form a band ?

Since I started playing with Greg Kate beginning 2012 we started composing bass parts and jamming together as things got really intense, we decided to find a drummer and other guitarist .

Your style of music is groove / metal - what made you decide to put these two genres together ?

We are a metal band that mixes brutality with groove and plays with conviction a style that is inspired by our favourite bands, such as Pantera, Gojira and Lamb of God. Reign of Lies is out to revitalize the metal genre. Nowadays, there are a lot of progressive metal bands who are amazing, but rather than following the stream, we prefer to stick to our roots and create our own sound and style.

Do you remember the first time you picked up a guitar - tell us about it.

Yeah 2 weeks ago :) Ok I am kidding, the first time was in 1995 my parents bought me my first electric guitar for Christmas .

When you were in school at an early age, did you take any courses in music ?

Yes I took acoustic lessons at school in 1990.

When you were younger, did you have anyone that inspired you to form a band ?

Yes, Dimebag Darell, Van Halen and Tom Morello.

You have a CD that was released June 13th called “The New Empire” , who wrote the lyrics for this album ?

Actually, my wife mostly, I chose the theme for the songs and she wrote the actual lyrics because my english writing is too shitty ,  but more importantly because she is an artist and great writer.

When writing for your cd, was there any kind of inspiration that lead you to write those lyrics ?

Walking on the street, watching some stuff on TV, listening to the News, people who think they are god and want to control the world . All these things provide great inspiration for me.

Was it an easy process, from writing to getting it all down on CD ?

Yes , because a few killer musicians helped a lot in the process of recording; like Lee Wanner in mixing and Jens Bogren (Opeth, Soilwork...) made an awesome job for the mastering.

Do you have a favourite song on here, and why that one ?

Ok each of the songs have there own character and personality that make me love all of them. I cant tell sincerely!

This was your first trip to Canada, how did you enjoy it, is there any city that sticks out for you, good or bad ?

Awesome I really like Canadian people. They are really open mind and we had a lot of fun in each city we played and lot of beer also :) All the cities were equally awesome.

Whats the best and worst part about being on tour ?

The best was definitely for us to see that more we play more we feel each other and know we are sure that we want to tour the world non stop and share awesome moments with our fans.
The worst thing was that some towns have expensive beer.

Do you have a band that you really would like to do a tour with ?

Yes it would be awesome to tour with Lamb of God.

Is there anything you would like to say here, that I might have missed asking you that you think it would be important for your fans to know ?

Thank you Rita, thank you Charlene for the awesome pictures and all the new friends and fans we met and had an amazing moment with.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview here with us at Metaltitans.